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  • DoorDash delivery driver accused of sending disturbing texts to teenage boy

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A Sacramento County mother has a warning for parents after a DoorDash delivery driver sent disturbing messages to her teenage son. “I was terrified. I know that I’m not there at the moment. I can’t go out and handle this guy myself, so my son is in real danger,” said the mother, who asked KTXL to protect her identity. Her teenage son ordered Wendy’s off of DoorDash Sunday evening when he was home alone. After dropping off […]

  • Chefs behind viral Thanksgiving meal on New York subway share why they cooked up the feast

    NEW YORK — A group of New Yorkers served  up a full Thanksgiving dinner on the L train in a video that’s gone viral. “We planned this for three months,” Jodell Lewis, who came up with the idea, told WPIX. “I said ‘let’s take it to the train, let’s do Friendsgiving on the train.'” And, for a whole hour Sunday evening, with tables and decorations and while the train was making stops from Union Square to Broadway Junction, dinner was […]

  • Woman accused of killing grandmother’s dog, storing head and heart in home

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — An 18-year-old appeared in court Monday after police say she killed her grandmother’s dog in a brutal case of animal cruelty. According to police, Kyoko Smith killed the Shih-Tzu dog at an East Memphis home on Nov. 11th. She then cut off the animal’s head and put it in a dresser drawer before cutting out the animal’s heart and placing it in the freezer. The family member who reported what happened to police said “he also […]

  • ‘Don’t risk it’: Grand Canyon officials share photo of hikers on steep, icy trail

    GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. – The Grand Canyon shared a photo of two hikers sliding down a frozen switchback trail to warn visitors as snow and ice create hazardous conditions. “The top part of Grand Canyon trails are icy!” Grand Canyon NPS tweeted Monday, sharing the photo of the ill-prepared visitors. “Don’t risk it – like these folks.” The top part of Grand Canyon trails are icy! Don't risk it – like these folks. If you plan to hike […]

  • ‘Forced affection = not OK’: Girl Scouts remind that ‘she doesn’t owe anyone a hug’ during holidays

    CLEVELAND (WJW) — Girl Scouts of the USA is reminding parents not to force their young daughters to hug guests during the holidays. The organization released a reminder arguing that asking your child to give hugs could give them the wrong idea about “consent and physical affection.” Girl Scouts illustrates the following scenario, asking parents: “Have you ever insisted, ‘Uncle just got here—go give him a big hug!’ or ‘Auntie gave you that nice toy, go give her a kiss,’ when you […]

  • Video shows school bus driver drinking beer while picking up students, police say

    AURORA, Ill. (WGN) — A school bus driver is facing charges after video appears to show her drinking alcohol while picking up students. Police said video shows Michelle Passley buying two beers at a gas station in Aurora on Nov. 15 while she was on her morning school bus route. The cameras inside the bus show her take the cans of beer and put them in brown bags and drink from the cans. Thirty-two children were on board the bus […]

  • Here’s how you can watch ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ this year

    All Charlie Brown knows how to make is “cold cereal and maybe toast,” but that’s not going to stop him from cooking up Thanksgiving for the Peanuts crew this year. With Thanksgiving days away, it’s time to watch the classic Thanksgiving TV special, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” the animated half-hour adventure of Charlie Brown and his motley group of friends. As the story goes, Peppermint Patty has (a little bit rudely) invited herself and all her friends over to Charlie […]

  • Yes, you can bring your Thanksgiving turkey on an airplane. Just check the gravy.

    Taking a plane to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t worry — you can contribute as much as you can carry. From the turkey and casseroles to the mashed potatoes, here’s a helpful guide detailing the TSA-approved items you can bring on board or pack below. Can I take my turkey or ham? Yes! You can give it one last flight, and it can even go in your carry on. However, it might be smart to go ahead and carve the […]

  • Woman sees late father in ultrasound photo

    SANTEE, Calif. — A San Diego woman says her ultrasound revealed what appears to be the image of her late father kissing her daughter. “It’s nice to look at and it’s a great story to tell,” said Shantel Carrillo as she glanced down at the ultrasound image. At 5 months pregnant, Carrillo was just excited to finally see a profile shot of her baby girl on the way. After posting the photo on social media, she says people quickly chimed […]

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