What’s UP West Michigan?

I’m an East sider by birth (Warren, Michigan) and a Spartan by blood (Class of 2017)

Number one complaint from my elementary school teachers was that I talked too much to my classmates. Now I get paid to talk to people. Funny how life works out.

Got my start in news in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at KELO TV. Before that I won some awards and stuff for my reporting at MSU. I guess I won three “Emmys” or something but I credit all my accomplishments to the awesome mentors I found in East Lansing.

Fun facts: I have never ran a mile, wrestling is my favorite sport, my middle name is Kay, (Although if you call me Julie Kay I will automatically think I am in big trouble…thanks mom), and I love telling stories.

I’ve been telling them since before I could write them down myself. My mom, Karen, bless her heart, transcribed my earliest works when I was 3. Now I get to share your stories every day. I mean it when I say it’s an honor and privilege to do so. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing the coolest job on earth.

So I’m sorry to all the teachers who had to tell me to quiet down over the years… but I’m so grateful I didn’t. It put me in the position to meet all of you.

Find me everywhere @JulieDunmire

Recent Articles
  • Giving back One Warm Coat at a time

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — At the Griff’s Ice House Sunday, Heather Bur hosted a coat drive for kids in the Grand Rapids community. “If they bring a coat, they’re able to skate for free, free ice skate rental,” Heather Bur said. Bur was inspired to give back after moving back home to Michigan;  she had been living in California for the last ten years. “I just wanted to get involved in the community somehow,” Bur said. And her message is […]

  • Family holding memorial vigil for Ashley Young

    GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — On November 29, 2018, Ashley Young was killed by Jared Chance.  Parts of her dismembered body were found a few days after on December 2nd. A year later, her family is still grieving. They haven’t held a celebration of life yet,  because they don’t have Ashley’s complete remains. But this Friday, November 29th, 2019, they are holding a candle light vigil in Ashley’s memory.  They are asking you to attend. Find the information here.  “So we […]

  • Statewide liquor shortage has bars scrambling ahead of biggest night of the year

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.– If you think you read that headline wrong; you didn’t. Right now, bars across the state of Michigan are struggling to get their hands on the good stuff. Just in time for the biggest drinking day of the year: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That’s because Republic National Distributing Company, one of the main liquor distributors in the state, moved warehouses. With many software issues, they’ve not been able to fill orders. RNDC distributes roughly sixty percent of […]

  • 20th annual interfaith Thanksgiving celebration held in Grand Rapids

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– For the last 20 years, people of all different faiths and backgrounds have gathered at St. Andrews Cathedral to celebrate the notion of giving thanks, and pay their respects to native culture who may not have the same positive outlook on the holiday with the Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration. “It’s certainly a complicated holiday. Obviously for many it’s a time of great rejoicing and gratitude, and the wonderful privileges were given as a result of living in this […]

  • Three years seizure-free: Teen fights back against Epilepsy

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — For most of 17-year-old Chris Polakos’ life, he has had seizures. “It like knocked me out,” he said. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age. For years, he tried every type of medication available. “Every time we would change medications, we’d have a honeymoon period where things seemed to quiet down,” said Mollie Polakos, Chris’ mother. Those good results never lasted long. Sometimes, Chris would seize for as long as ten hours. “He has […]

  • Boy’s handwritten letter to the Spartans goes viral

    WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Nine-year-old Michigan State Spartan fan Fraser Hartnell has an important message for the team. He wrote it in a letter that took him four days, with breaks of course. Fraser thought the Spartans needed some cheering up after their loss to the Wolverines over the weekend. Fraser was right. And his letter posted to his dad’s Twitter, has quickly gone viral. “It was just a little thing I was going to send out to Dantonio and the […]

  • ‘Secret Santas’ paying off Caledonia elementary schools lunch debt

    CALEDONIA, Mich. — A Secret Santa has been visiting Caledonia elementary schools paying off their lunch debts. “I got a call from a building administrator, saying they had an anonymous donor paid off all the lunches, the student lunch balances ,” Superintendent Dederick Martin said. The call was from an anonymous donor. But Martin says more donations came in when they posted a thank you message to the school district’s Facebook page. “The very next day we had another anonymous […]

  • Woman’s message after drivers pass man lying in street: “Be better, Grand Rapids”

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– In a Facebook post shared thousands of times, Taylor Ballek’s biggest takeaway is this: “Be better, Grand Rapids.” Ballek made those comments following an incident back on November 13th, while she was heading to work and noticed traffic was backed up at the 131 exit at Pearl Street. “It looked like somebody was going around something that fell out of a truck, or garbage,” Ballek said. Only, there wasn’t garbage in the road. “As I got closer, […]

  • DNR hosts adaptable hunting trip for people with difficulties walking

    SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Mich. — There’s only one hunt hosted by the Department of Natural Resources in the state that allows for hunters who are non-ambulatory. It’s in Shiawassee County, about an hour and a half away from Grand Rapids. All hunters on the trip this weekend are unable to walk on their own, with varying levels of abilities. People come from all over the state to attend and hunt. The DNR sets up blinds, provides tracking services, as well as […]

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