Family’s update: Peyton’s cancer is spreading

IONIA, Mich — Just a couple days after a 5-year-old boy in Ionia was honored with a special parade, his parents received news that his cancer has spread.

Peyton Dennis has been fighting DIPG, a rare and terminal form of brain cancer.  He was diagnosed in February of this year, and according to his family, his cancer has spread 4mm in the last month.

“They can’t do anything more for him but make him comfortable and the radiation which we are doing. If we are lucky it might give him a couple more months or it could cause his body to become toxic automatically. If he doesn’t do it I’m assuming he has only weeks left maybe no more than a month,” said his mom, Katie in a post on Facebook.

She went on to post that Peyton has been taken off of his trial medicines, and added “love your kids because tomorrow is not always promised.”

To follow Peyton’s journey or to help his family out during this tough time, click here.


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  • RSO

    Rick Simpson oil should cure that cancer. Your doctors won’t tell you about it but it’s fairly easy to make. It’s an extraction of raw cannabis that has been proven over and over to cure any and all forms of cancer, usually within a few weeks. Look it up.

    • Mandy

      You don’t think this has been done?? DIPG has a 0% survival. It is always terminal. I have watched first hand and yes cannabis and THC was used. Your statement is far from correct.

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