Eight Olivet College students suspended after large fight outside a dorm

OLIVET, Mich. — Eight students have been temporarily suspended from campus after a large fight broke out at a dorm on Tuesday morning.

The school tells FOX 17 the fight began when two students started arguing over property, with the fight eventually spilling outside where more students became involved, some trying to break up the violence.

Not all of the students suspended were directly involved in the fight.

“Our policy whenever there’s an altercation like this is to put students on interim suspension while we investigate,” said Dr. Maria Davis, Provost of Olivet College. “So interim suspension means it’s indefinite at this moment.”

Davis says for a student population of only about 1,000 it’s a rare incident.

“It is not a common occurrence,” said Davis. “It is very rare for us to have something like this happen on our campus.”

Olivet College said it is working with the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department and Olivet police on the investigation, and another which also took place later Tuesday.

Additionally, FOX 17 received multiple tips regarding a threat towards an Olivet student involving a gun.

The school dispelled that report as a rumor, and Eaton County Sheriff and Olivet Police spokespeople only confirmed they are working with the school on both investigations. Olivet Campus Safety would not independently comment on either.

“Obviously safety is absolutely of our utmost concern which is why we’ve been continually in contact with local law enforcement,” said Davis.

Patrols have been increased for now on campus.


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  • Concerned mom

    This has been going on since school started back. I am thinking of pulling my kid out as this school does not take care of the students at all. As for the gun part that too has been going on for some time. It is pretty sad when my son sits in the basement of the dorm with his roommate and then eventually goes back to their room but stays away from the window.

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