Ex-lawmakers sue to block Michigan’s legislative term limits

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Eight former Michigan lawmakers are suing to challenge the state’s legislative term limits, alleging they are unconstitutional and ensure that the Legislature lacks experience.

Those filing suit in Grand Rapids federal court Wednesday include three Republicans and five Democrats. They say Michigan’s term limits law has increased the power of lobbyists, unelected “bureaucrats” in the executive branch and political dynasties.

Michigan voters enacted term limits in 1992 that allow legislators to serve 14 years, including three two-year House terms and two four-term Senate terms. They are viewed as the most restrictive among the 15 states with consecutive or lifetime legislative term limits.

The suit was brought about a month after Republican legislative leaders privately briefed their caucuses about talks to ease legislative term limits through a constitutional amendment.

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  • Bighorse

    Note to the gang of 8 filing this lawsuit: if you had used your vast experience to actually get something done and effectively and efficiently run the state’s business, there would have been no talk of term limits. It is the failure of lifetime politicians to accomplish anything that led to the term limits.

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  • steve

    Ordinarily, I don’t like to see term limits. But, if the voters in the basically unchanged 12th Congressional district in Detroit that’s represented by Debbie Dingell continue to support her for the next seven terms, somebody with the last name of ‘Dingell’ will have represented the district for a century. 100 years! In that time, don’t you think that some very capable people could and should have represented that district? I do.

    • gobluespartyon

      12TH congressional district will always vote Dem there are no term limits for running US Congress or Senate and will never be term limits as US Supreme court has ruled no term limits.

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