GVSU student government removes Pledge of Allegiance from agenda

ALLENDALE, Mich. -- The student government at Grand Valley State University has removed the Pledge of Allegiance from their meeting agenda.

It happened after a vote at the student senate meeting Thursday night.

It’s been a discussion at the university for several weeks.

"A senator brought it to the attention of the general body about three or four weeks into the semester, ever since then it's been a pretty continuous conversation," GVSU Student Senate VP of Public Relations Ryan Fritz said.

GVSU senators have been hearing from a number of students during public comment.

Those who want the pledge removed say it doesn’t represent everyone and puts people in an uncomfortable situation when they don't want to stand.

Others argue it provides an opportunity for praise or protest and shows support for the country.

After a roll call vote of 22 to 10, the Pledge of Allegiance and Michigan State Motto will no longer be put on the agenda and recited at their meetings.

"It’s important when we’re talking equity and equality and social justice that we are having those kinds of measures taken," Student Senator Lansing Sánchez-Castillo said.

Sánchez-Castillo abstained from the vote for personal bias but the member of Young Democratic Socialists of America who’s running as an independent for congress against Justin Amash, is happy with the result.

"We are representing a diverse population here and that specific language doesn’t sit with this diverse population and fully representing them," Sánchez-Castillo explained.

College Republican and Student Senator Dorian Thompson argued emphatically to keep the pledge and is upset with the outcome of Thursday's vote.

"It’s very upsetting especially on the week of Veterans Day." Thompson said.

"It’s a sad point in our country where we are having debates on things that we should be talking about that unites us instead of divides us," Thompson added.

Thompson says this discussion will not end with Thursday's vote.

"Things can be done to make sure that people know this is not over and our voices will be heard. My great-grandfather fought in the military and fought in World War II, this is something that really means a lot to me," Thompson added.

There were several students who remained neutral on the decision, many say they just want to move on to other issues the university is facing.

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    • lml25

      Well said George.Obviously,these students haven’t “studied” history–if they had,they’d never vote to erase anything having to do with our country.Next vote–no whites allowed to speak anymore–white privilege you know.Only minorities will make decisions from now on.Whitey–you’re being replaced.I hope you kids understand that is the goal of liberal institutions like GVSC and colleges across the country. We started,built and took the USA into the late 20th century.Other groups and forces are at work now to destroy what WAS great.Study what is happening and do something about it–or you will suffer the consequences of a minority led government who want nothing to do with whites.

      • Matt

        If gvsu dosen’t support our national government, then why should they help GVSU with any type of funding???????????. You morons are against government but also want the government to bail you out time after time. I guess moron logic.

        • Hi Fi

          The national government is really, really into educating thoughtful, intelligent young people, who can engage in civil debate and make informed decisions. Also, not a dictatorship. That’s why.
          Sorry, to hear that you missed out, Matt.

          BTW, it is Trumpers who don’t believe in government. Young liberals are all in on government. Do you live in opposite world?

          • Matt

            No i live in reality, where NOTHING is FREE. You work to better yourself, your family your community. Free education, free heathcare and come on in everybody heres all this free stuff for you to.? What world do you live in?

  • Pamela Drew

    This country is going to hell very quickly. You are removing rapidly our countries freedoms! Everything is offensive all of a sudden and the sad part is that this behavior is rewarded. Lawmakers are actually committing treason with their anti constitutional actions and words. HEY YOUNGINS………when you know longer have a say about going to college, wearing whatever you want, woman who have to remain covered from top to bottom (meaning no clothes of any kind that you wear today (no swimsuits, no halter tops, no makeup, no color hair, nails, not ANYTHING that you chose), when your sole purpose in life is going back to the stone age which is only to breed, no voting rights, no leaving your home without a male escort, no opinion on anything……………..then what are you going to say then about our AMERICAN flag, freedoms, rights…………FYI=you wont because you wont have them……………….so let the domestic/foreign enemy keep coming into our country……….it will be a shit hole like the one they left

    • Patriotism ForAll

      Another conservative who lives in opposite world. Why do you hate our freedoms, Pam? We have freedom of speech here, these kids are exercising that freedom. But they should move somewhere where people like you are in control and people are forced to bend the knee to the government? Go create your conformist shithole somewhere else.

  • Ben Franklin

    This country is in a death spiral. Over one million legal immigrants come here every year. 22 million illegals in the country now. The majority of which vote for socialism. The communists run the schools and brainwash the next generation. Christianity,the foundation of western civilization is in rapid decline. Prepare to enter the dark age.

  • They can't stop their madness

    I have never felt so much shame in today’s yutes as I do right now. I would be embarrassed to tell people my son or daughter attends that institution or any other that would allow the degrading of this country. Instead, these snot nosed kids should be united in celebrating their good fortune for living in the greatest country on the planet. George, Pamela, and LML25 are exactly right.

  • Wings

    The whole student senate should be removed as these IDIOTS have no clue of what the Pledge of Allegiance really stands for.
    These IDIOTS are our future, GOD help us.

    • Patriotism ForAll

      What does it stand for? Do you know? I didn’t think so. It was written by a minister who preached that Jesus was a socialist. His intention was to sell flags and indoctrinate children in socialist nationalism. Jokes is on you. It worked!

  • Ron the unrighteous

    Those little chits. See how well the school does without government funding. It’s going to be funny when they get to the real world. Life’s going to slap them hard.

  • AJ

    This is why I replaced my GVSU plate. I am alumni but now I am embarrassed to be associated with the school. I am sure that I am one of many alumni who feel that way. Why contribute money to such a place…

  • jerry

    as a owner of a foundation that was going to give a 10,000,000.00 gift to gvsu for student Tuition to be cut it is now going to the trump 2020 to get these liptards out in the real world bring back the draft make these worthless kids learn what life is like

  • Michael Hale

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    SHAMEFUL! I am a Vietnam Veteran and these kids have no concept of why we served and what we experienced. If someone is offended or uncomfortable with our Pledge, leave (the meeting, the room, etc).
    This is OUR COUNTRY, you have freedom here. But DO NOT force your culture or beliefs upon the rest of us.
    God bless americas, PLEASE!

    • just saying

      Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice for our great country and all those who stand with you! 100% agree with you. God Bless! Great Uncle served in WWI, did not make it back, Uncle served WWII, came back, Dad served Korea, came back too,Thank God. Had “shell shock” as they called it. Gravel Trucks would go by and he would jump up grabbing for his M1 (it wasn’t there) You could NEVER sneak out of or into the house because he slept with one eye open. Thanks again soldier! These brats can’t even Imagine…..

    • Patriotism ForAll

      Take a look around the Internet. Lots of veterans will state that protecting this kind of freedom of choice is exactly what they served for. They would be ashamed of you turning your back on defending it at home, now, Mike.

  • Homeschoolyourkids

    I pledge Allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all.

    Communists have infiltrated public education at every level in America.

    http://deliberatedumbingdown (dot) com/ddd/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/DDDoA.pdf

  • CTHULHU247

    So what country do you think is responsible for turning our youth into socialist nazis? Russia, China,Iran? Probably The same country that hijacked the Democratic Party and turned them into liberal coastal elites instead of heartland blue collar backers. My votes on China as the culprit.

  • Mike

    I think maybe it’s time for the people who make donations to the school and support the school to shut off the funding same with the scholarships , its time for the people to stand up to these idiots .

    • Patriotism ForAll

      Yeah, because mindlessly repeating some words shows what you are really made of. If that’s all it takes. Oh, BTW, most famous political statement in the world is: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Samuel Johnson 1775

      The biggest traitor in America will always be the guy sporting the largest flag pin on his lapel.

  • Ej

    Do people think Osama was kidding with his transformation of America speech ? Killary was supposed to be the 2nd half of the 16yr plan but the patriots stopped it. What is going on in this country has been in the works for over 7 decades and that tall U.N. Building in NY needs to be evacuated ASAP

    • Patriotism ForAll

      But no longer at GVSC. You do know that the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist to indoctrinate kids with the idea of socialist nationalism?

      Oooh, you didn’t know that…..

  • Atlas

    I’m glad they’re finally admitting that “The Diverse”, really don’t love this country, only the freebies they can steal from it.

  • Mark

    Quote from article: “We are representing a diverse population here and that specific language [pledge of allegiance] doesn’t sit with this diverse population and fully representing them,” Sánchez-Castillo explained.

    Sanchez Costello, and the other ungrateful students supporting this action against our Country, need to be reminded that taxpayers represent a diverse population as well and contribute their hard earned tax dollars to provide these students with the opportunity and privilege of attending the university. And, it doesn’t sit well with many of us taxpayers that the beneficiaries of these tax dollars want to insult, denigrate, and disrespect our country and its traditions.. The time has come to cut off tax funding for these anti-American children and  their so called “educators”.

    • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

      You are More than welcome to go anywhere you are represented… But in the United States of America we pledge allegiance to the flag. Curious to know how many of these kids get government grants and scholarships.

  • Matt

    Good it was nothing but a socialist propaganda tool. It was created by a well known socialist. You have to be a sucker to pledge anything to the federal government. The pledge is anything but patriotic.

  • Just saying

    If these kids that voted for this are the smart ones, I hate to see the stupid ones. They can’t see what the hell is going on in China? Those kids ( In China )are dying to have the same freedom that these idiots are trying to throw away and kiddies, ask yourself this-Why are all these people moving FROM communist/socialist countries and flooding into America? Why are not people flooding into N. Korea, China, Russia and other countries? I would trade those kids in Hong Kong for you dough heads in a New York minute. You think the Government will take care of you in the long run? Better check that out with the Native Americans. Just saying

  • Larry

    If I was attending a school in another country than I would absolutely expect them to honor their country and I would NEVER be disgusted. I do not understand this decision except that I have been to other countries and their pride in their own country and knowledge of history far exceeds our college students.

  • C

    When the school removed the Pledge of Allegiance, they also removed an awful lot of future students. But what’s sad is I don’t think they care.

  • Rex

    Can’t put this on anybody but stupid white kids by the look of that video. Considering these clueless students are in Michigan no big surprise. Stay in in your academic nest and play govt all you want the real world is a little different perhaps someday you’ll find out. Think about staying in Michigan because you might trigger a violent act with disrespectful behavior like this.

  • Daniel G

    OMG, let it go. They VOTED…you know, in a democratic way…THEY VOTED. I know that scares a lot of you when people have the right to vote and actually use it.
    Perhaps when the next vote comes along this will change. Perhaps they will add a singing of America the Beautiful and Michigan My Michigan to the mix. Perhaps marching…next a mass patriotic gathering with flags and candles in the stadium….
    And yes, the profanity from patriot/people that never got close to a university in their life..and probably have no idea where GVSU actually is.

  • Daniel G

    And as an aside here folks, they also don’t pray before or after the meetings as a group…that should send most of you into an tizzy! (although…you and everyone else can pray anywhere anytime in private should you choose to do so.)

  • Dogfits

    Apparently the students education is working! They did not get to this point on their own. Remember what our previous president said regarding successful business owners, they had help. So it is with these tiles. Here is your future!

  • mlhalegr

    The GVSU Student Senate
    meets Thursday at 1630
    at the Kirkof Center.
    Time for ALL VETERANS
    to attend to point out
    who fought for them
    and FREEDOM!

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