Suspect charged in sexual assault at GR business

A mug shot of Byron Morris.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a Grand Rapids business was officially charged on Wednesday.

Byron Morris, 38, is facing charges of kidnapping, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, unarmed robbery and being a repeat offender.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at a business on the city’s west side. Police say he sexually assaulted an employee and robbed a customer who came inside.

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  • lml25

    Why the big secret of where this occurred?Why withold the info?It will come out eventually–in court. Is this a racial perk you get for being black?The white guy who attempted to kidnap an 8 year old,we find out EVERYTHING.Who it was,where it was.Film crews devoted 10 minutes of airtime.
    “He was staring at her…watching.”
    We heard every detail.We heard he(Ziegler) had no criminal record.
    That’s fine–but do the same for a rape/robbery.
    Morris?Nothing.I’ll bet Morris had a rap sheet 10 pages long.Thanks media et al. for always reporting white crime with twice the coverage as black crime.

      • Tom

        Dude, no need to go there. There’s a time and a place, and if we want a solution, you’re going about it wrong. Yeah, there’s a problem no one likes to talk about or acknowledge, but when you come at it with hate, you widen the divide and worsen the problem. Be more constructive than posting this in every article and advocate for change while being respectable. Otherwise all you are doing is contributing to the degeneracy of society. I’ve been in your shoes, seeing something so obvious, and being hateful, and I realized all I was doing was making myself miserable and angry while making other people feel the same whether they deserved it or not. Not to be a hippy, but we seriously need to invest and focus all sorts of programs on these communities to tackle the problem, and even then it will be generations for a cure.

        • lml25

          That’s your opinion. I HATE where this city is going–that’s the only hate I have. There was another customer that got robbed btw. As far as going back to work to a place you were raped,I doubt it.I ‘ve known a couple people who worked at small stores–were robbed at gunpoint–and had to quit,in fear of it happening again. The rape is 1000 times more traumatic than armed robbery..And yes,it’s hippy,liberal thinking to believe social programs will stop black crime.It hasn’t stopped it anywhere else.

    • Tom

      Pretty obvious reason as to why they aren’t saying where this occurred, man. Obviously the victim doesn’t want this known. It was just her, remember. The embarrassment, the pity. Perhaps even to avoid retaliation. The article does mention he is a repeat offender (surprise). He’s going to plea it down and get at least 20 years, good riddance. For a while.

    • CW

      Maybe they arent giving the business name out of respect for the person that was sexually assaulted. Maybe they have to go back to work and would rather not have everyone know.

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