Crash near GVSU ejects driver, closes road

The scene of a crash on Nov. 13, 2019 in Allendale, Mich.

ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — One person was taken to the hospital after being ejected from their vehicle in a crash Wednesday morning near Grand Valley State University.

The crash happened at the intersection of West Campus Drive and 48th Avenue, just west of the Allendale campus.

The collision ejected one driver from their vehicle, causing injuries that sent him to the hospital. Authorities said the other driver wasn’t hurt.

48th Avenue will be closed to traffic until crews can clear the scene.

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  • Common cents

    I hope he enjoyed the flight out of the car and onto the pavement. The stupidity of not wearing a seatbelt is hard to comprehend.

  • Thankful mother

    I can understand that everyone has there own opinions so here is mine. That was my son and as you call it stupidity I call it a blessing. See he was better outside of the car than in. He would’ve been crush and the only thing they would have pulled out of that car was his remains. God has taken care of him All this life and this was no different! My son is doing fine! And he wasn’t saved by a seatbelt he was saved by God’s Grace! You stupidity can be cured simply by educating yourself. But being a irritating arrogant insignificant troll takes a little more work. Good luck.

    • Common cents

      You are a poor excuse for a mother and your ignorance is obvious.

      Thousands of tests have proven the effectiveness of wearing a seatbelt. Condoning not wearing a seatbelt and breaking the law by not doing so is unimaginable to rational thinking people.

      • Thankful mother

        Just as it’s proven that people in crashes have died from internal bleeding do to seatbelts and severed organs! The way you speak over flows with ignorance and I really hope you never have to experience your child going through this! And if you do I pray that God gives you the strength to deal with people such as you who don’t know when to keep there comments to themselves because it is apparent they can’t afford to loose the two cents they have!

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