Family wants public to watch dashcam of 11-year-old’s fatal crash with deputy

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- It has been 23 weeks since Norman Hood died after a Calhoun County deputy hit the 11-year-old riding a minibike.

Michigan State Police have released dash camera footage from the moment it happened on May 28. Much of it was blurred by MSP as a redacted version.

FOX 17 obtained the video from the Calhoun County deputy’s cruiser through the Freedom of Information Act.

Hood's family requested FOX 17 show as much as possible so the public can see what happened to him that night.

According to MSP, the deputy was traveling 66 mph in a 30 mph zone. The law enforcement officer was en route to an emergency call but did not have emergency lights or sirens on when the collision happened.

Michigan law allows officers and deputies to travel faster than the speed limit while responding to an emergency call.

The prosecutor declined to to press charges because charges could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  However, family believes charges were warranted and spoke to FOX 17 following the release of the dashcam footage on Tuesday.

The family argues that Norman did not veer in front of the cruiser, as described by the prosecutor. Instead, they describe Norman's actions as crossing the street diagonally.

Additionally, relatives say Norman was familiar with that stretch of road and would have only crossed the street if he believed he would clear it.

"There is no way you can miss it," said Regina Hale, Norman's sister. "It is to show that the officer could have prevented himself from hitting my brother if he was doing his job correctly."

Regina and her sister Neveah Hale saw the unedited version of the dascham footage weeks ago. From what they remember, they could clearly see Norman's body hit the hood of the car then land 20 yards away from the deputy's cruiser.

"They see a blur," said Neveah Hale. "What we see is our brother gliding across the concrete like it was ice, like it was nothing. He was like, an object."

"No one should slide across the concrete like that," said Regina Hale. "He literally slid across the street."

Neveah and Regina Hale believe that Norman's chance of survival could have been improved had the deputy tried to perform life-saving measures. According to video, CPR and resuscitating measures were not done in the minutes prior to the paramedics' arrival.

"He didn't treat him like he was a human," said Regina Hale. "He didn't look for a pulse. He didn't do CPR. He just flashed a light in his face."

When asked if relatives believe the deputy's speed resulted in Norman's death, they answered yes. They also believe Norman would not have tried to cross the street if the deputy's emergency lights were on.

"He saw my nephew," said Norman's aunt, Jusstina Latta. "He just didn't care or he wasn't paying attention."

The family is now suing Calhoun County but say even if they are successful in court, it would not bring any sense of healing to loved ones.

"It just doesn't matter how much money you give us," said Neveah Hale. "It's never going to bring my brother back. It's never going to fill the hole in my heart that he is gone."

The family also plans to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office over the fact that charges were not brought. The civil suit is still pending.

Editorial Note: After the original story aired on broadcast, the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office called to inform FOX 17 the deputy is no longer on staff with the department.

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    • Supernova

      The deputy should have had his emergency lights on that’s what there purpose is. He was responding to a emergency
      doing 66 in a 30 mph zone people need to know your traveling at a high rate of speed, where is the common sense.

      • Lindsey

        Sadly he didn’t have to have lights on because when your dealing with case in progress. He didn’t want to alert the person or persons. Here is the big question. Why was that baby on a mini bike at that time of night unsupervised. The whole situation is unbearable for everyone.

        • Supernova

          Yeah I guess its okay to endanger the lives of everybody on the road to arrest a couple of punks. If the punks are taking
          the time to watch the road they are going to spot a cop car, even with its lights off. The hole idea is to stop crime if the
          criminal is about to murder someone but stops because he (or she) sees police lights then I would say that is a good thing. As far as the kid on the mini bike, it could have just as easily been grandma pulling out of her driveway or
          someone trying to cross the road or something as simple as a lane change.

        • Me

          I agree..sorry this happened to this family but who was supposed to watch him and being at night on a busy road why would he be riding in the road on a busy street and It looks like he did go into the path of the car..The cop was probably in shock that he hit someone..This is sad story:(

      • Kris Walton

        some area do not allow sirens for certain pursuits, They don’t want to hear the noise. Also, You have to be 15 yrs old to drive a moped/scooter and it must be registered.

      • Doug Wiser

        The kid was driving a non-street legal mini bike on a road, no lights, no license at dark. The family deserves nothing, not a dime.

  • Just Stating the Obvious

    Per Michigan law: “A reckless driving offender who causes death to another person is guilty of a felony. The conviction carries up to 15 years in prison and/or $2,500 to $10,000 in fines. The judge must also order that the motorist’s vehicle be immobilized for up to 180 days or forfeited altogether.”

    Make no mistake, if you or I killed someone in a similarly reckless manner, even in a dire situation – say, on the way to a hospital if your husband/wife/child was in mortal danger from a medical emergency – there’s no doubt that John/Jane Q. Public would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    FACT is this officer was grossly negligent by excessively speeding 30+mph over the limit and not activating his lights/sirens (reckless), causing the death of a child, and he gets what? A slap on the wrist? Paid vacation? A stern reminder to at least TRY to do CPR instead of treating a dying person like roadkill for PR purposes? Did his cop buddies even perform a drug/alcohol test on him to make sure he wasn’t under the influence?

    We all know the cops license surely isn’t suspended and it’s a safe bet that he was back on the job in no time, free to kill someone else because apparently the laws don’t apply to anyone with a badge.

    The prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this absurd double standard of the law; police should be held to a higher degree of accountability and to not even take the evidence in front of a grand jury because they THINK they “couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” isn’t the prosecutors call to make, as they have an inherent bias due to their working relationship with the police.

    This is what happens when you let police investigate fellow police wrongdoing, compiled with bootlicking prosecutors.

    Moreover, I can only imagine what the family of this young kid is going through with not only his untimely passing, but also this outrageous miscarriage of justice.

    • GB

      adly he didn’t have to have lights on because when your dealing with case in progress. He didn’t want to alert the person or persons. Here is the big question. Why was that baby on a mini bike at that time of night unsupervised. The whole situation is unbearable for everyone

  • J.B.

    “where is the common sense”
    Here is some…
    Trying to justify your 11 year old kid, riding a illegal scooter, with no lights, after sunset, just darting out in the middle of a busy street, all while the whole moron family just sat there and watched him do it?
    The parents should have their other kids taken away and then be sterilized…with a hammer.

  • Kevin

    “It doesnt matter how much money you give us” says the sister during the TV interview. Bet she cant wait to get her couple million paid for by taxpayers. (They wont get the full amount but on a side note we need to start taking judgements against police departments out of their pension funds.)

  • J

    If money won’t bring them peace don’t give them any, that family is only after money they aren’t fooling anyone. As for the officer if he was responding to a breaking and entering he would have his lights and sirens going as to not scare off the intruder. The bottom line is the parents are looking to blame someone else for their lack of supervision.

  • T

    Sad for both sides but the kid should not of been crossing the road at dark , at a non crosswalk. Also the bike should of had some type of lighting.

    It was an accident that could of not happened on both sides.

  • Common cents

    Purely the kids fault caused by poor parenting. An 11 year old is breaking the law riding a minibike on the street. He pulled out in front of a car without looking. Doesn’t matter if it was a cop car or a minivan.

  • sad madness

    I hope the family remembers this when a police officer takes and extra 15 minutes to get to their emergency because he will be driving the speed limit in the dark (with emergency lights on to warn the perp(s) he is on his way) while looking for people to dart out in front of his car. It’s a horrible accident that should not have happened. Not only did this family lose an all to young loved one but I wish we knew what happened to the persons involved in the emergency the officer was responding to. Nobody seems to care about their dilemma.

  • JC

    Parents are on earth to watch and protect their children. I saw a kid with no license riding an illegal vehicle at dusk without lights, insurance, helmet, safety gear.

    He was struck by a first responder going to a call to help others that were currently victims of a crime.

    Who should be charged and sued again?

    • Steven

      First responders have a responsibility to operate their vehicles/apparatus in a safe and responsible manner. It is called due regard. Regardless of a call in progress, the officer should have slowed down simply due to the fact that he did not have emergency lights or siren operating, and it was dark/dusk and not safe to travel at the speeds he was. The officer then doubled down on his stupidity and failed to render aid in any form to the CHILD that he struck with his official emergency vehicle. I hope the family wins their suit. The people who are tasked to protect and serve do so voluntarily and should not get a pass should they make fatal mistakes that were completely avoidable.

    • Bow To The Robots

      Exactly. This is not a policing failure… it is a parenting failure. Hey, come on let’s call these people what they are… their $25 million lawsuit tells us all we need to know. These hillbillies think they’ve won the damm lottery. Can’t wait to see them get laughed out of court.

  • Think before you speak

    This is clearly backfiring on the family. It is horrible a young child lost his life. However, it’s the very same family that is horrible, for being a bad family. They should be taking the responsibility for letting there kid ride in the dark, on the street, illegal as f, with zero safety equipment. But instead, blame everyone else. Terrible tragedy. Too bad the blame is being pushed in the wrong direction. Maybe the investigation of negligence should opened against the plaintiffs.

  • david

    Could have been avoided if patrol car had overheads on. The boy cut in front of the car because he didn’t realize the deputy was doing over twice the speed limit. If deputy had lights on the boy more than likely would not have cut in front of him. I have seen this numerous times. It is ignorant! If responding to a robbery in progress leave your siren off but for god’s sake turn on your lights! Officer is at fault 100%

    • Me

      I agree..sorry this happened to this family but who was supposed to watch him and being at night on a busy road why would he be riding in the road on a busy street and It looks like he did go into the path of the car..The cop was probably in shock that he hit someone..This is sad story:(

    • Me

      This boy was 11 yr old he didnt even look when going into the path of this car the police office had his head lights on and he obviously didnt stop him from riding in the road towards a car regardless of how fast or no sirens going ..I feel bad for this family that lost this kid but I also feel bad for the police officer. This cop was in shock when he hit him who wouldnt. But suining the state for a accident they gotta take ownership in because they let him play in a busy road in the dark this could of been anyone that could of hit this kid cop or not that is the sad part of it… Again not saying this kid deserve to die not at all and I am not saying bad parents all I say about who was supposed to watch him should take responsibility for not watching a 11yr old in a busy road … prayers for all involved ..but disagree on the lawsuit

    • Bow To The Robots

      BS. Kid had no business in that place at that time. Cops often run silent en route to a crime in progress. 100% parenting failure here. Poor little Norman never even LOOKED before literally darting across FOUR LANES OF TRAFFIC. Because nobody taught him to.

  • David Timothy Vaughan

    Could have been avoided if patrol car had overheads on. The boy cut in front of the car because he didn’t realize the deputy was doing over twice the speed limit. If deputy had lights on the boy more than likely would not have cut in front of him. I have seen this numerous times. It is ignorant! If responding to a robbery in progress leave your siren off but for god’s sake turn on your lights! Officer is at fault 100%

    • Michael

      Do you understand percents?

      The child was operating a motor vehicle that isn’t road legal, while unlicensed, without lights, and without signaling- yet you say the deputy is 100% at fault?

      I agree fault lies with both sides. 100% the deputies fault? No way. Anyone who tries claiming that is just spewing anti-police rhetoric.

  • Lil x

    Does everyone not see the hill that comes before then? And yeah he was to young blah blah blah. What if he was legal? Plus that cop was way down the road before he hit that child. Plus why are you sounding like the child cant think for himself? He isnt dumb. And ok yeah sometimes the cops cant do lights and sirens but if the cop is far enough away from the location to where he is going to, wouldnt it be fine to atleast have lights on or the siren just to let everyone know he was speeding? I mean he was doing 66 in a 30. That kid is probably smart enough to know how fast the cars are on that street. So he probably saw a car from a little bit down the road and thinking, they probably going 30, I got time to cross. He didnt know the car was going 60 mph. How was he supposed to know that and especially with that hill that’s there. What if it was your loved one? No one has any right to take anyone’s life away, no one. Plus not like the cop tried to swerve out of the way of the kid. He had time to know where the child was going, not like the child was going straight, and swerved away from the child. I’m not saying he wanted to hit the child but he didnt act like he didnt want to hit the child. I’m just saying that even if he was older, the cop still would be in the wrong. No one knew how fast he was going. He seemed like he was far enough away to use sirens and/or lights.

      • Jeff

        Emotions are the basis for right and wrong dum-dum. Death isn’t considered a bad thing because of some logical equation it is considered wrong because of the emotional response it elicits. Stop pretending like felling emotion is some fault. Having an emotional response to a child getting hit by a car only mean you are a healthy person and that you are not a sociopath. Go troll somewhere else.

  • Steve

    After watching the video I see nothing that justifies a lawsuit or justifies any charges to the officer or department. Anyone could have hit the child.

  • Nash

    It’s tragic! And it was the time for that young boy to go sadly. It meant to be. I only judge it by if I was behind the wheel, would I have been to prevent it? The answer is a big no. My heart and condolences goes to the family of the young boy and I feel for the officer involved as well. I hope he is handling it well too. Tough stuff! Crazy world.

  • M b

    his mama a dumbass pot head and should have had his ass at home too and I hope she don’t get a dime trust me she cares more about that money than her son she gave one of her kids to her sister just cuz she didn’t want him then decided to take him back when he was older she pathetic

  • Denise Bruchner

    These parents are using their sons death to get attention. Thats the real tragedy and sick truth of this whole thing. 11 years old riding that late at night in the dark, and not wearing any kind of clothing to even allow yourself to be seen. No helmet. No supervision. And the child was going to wrong direction on the wrong side of the street. Rode straight into him. any car whether police or not would have hit him. This is simply Neglect on the part of the parents. If anyone should be charged its them!

  • Mark Hayward

    So an 11 Year old Kid was riding a Mini Bike with no Lights on a Public Street? It’s one thing to cross the road on a mini bike to get from trail to trail.. The Kid seems like a real nice kid and a good Fisherman , but plain and Simple he won a Darwin Award.. I know a stupid 24 year old who pulled his Jeep in front of a Car doing 70 MPH on a mile Curve in Sprinkle Road .. 5 lanes wide.. His goal was to get from the Trailer Park to the Convince store for more Cigarettes.. This is Near Meredith near the Harley Dealer ect.. This 24 year old claims it was the other guys fault because he was going 70 MPH not the 50 MPH Limit.. I told him Laws are one thing and using common sense to avoid accidents and stay alive are another.. I told him if he wants to stay alive he should not pull in front of speeders..
    Can you get a Moped License at age 14 after at least a safety course?
    So the Cop was responding to a Burglary in Progress.. I think maybe he should of had his lights on but no Siren? Do the Police need a Policy not to drive over double the speed limit dying an Emergency call .. any place except for the Limited access Highways?
    I think the Tax Payers of Calhoun County should pay for the kids Funeral .. Bu the Parents do not deserve $25 Million for being really bad parents..

  • Mark Hayward

    What if it was you or Me Johnny Q Public driving at night maybe 35 MPH maybe 40 MPH and this kid darted from out of the dark with no Warning .. What would we be charged with .. We don’t have the resources of all tax payers in Calhoun County Combined to pay for Lawyers to defend ourselves..
    He seemed like a nice kid but he gets a Darwin Award.. Now his parents are dreaming to get $25 million this is as good as winning the Lottery .
    I say Calhoun County should pay for his Funeral and that is all ..

  • Dan Duncan

    What time in the hell was your 11 year old son doing out on a mini bike after dark with zero protection? Don’t blame the officer I am sure he feels bad enough for your poor parenting decisions.

  • Amanda

    That kid clearly pulled in front of the cop car! No matter what speed the cop was going that little boy probably still would be dead! I feel so sorry for all involved but I highly don’t think anyone was at fault but the boy!

  • Ray

    Shame on channel 17 it’s a one-sided story let’s talk about the boy late at night not supervised no helmet she my new channel 17 for posting this

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