Suspect’s family raises questions following officer-involved shooting

WYOMING, Mich. — A family wants answers after they say their loved one was hurt during an officer-involved shooting on Monday.

Police have called this a domestic dispute that turned into a officer shooting 37-year-old Manuel Cavasos, but relatives say it didn’t need to end like that.

“It just blows my mind,” said Abraham Cavasos. ” I just feel bad for my cousin.”

Abraham and Robert Cavasos have known their cousin for their entire lives.

They tell FOX 17 they were the only two who saw him for a brief moment in the ICU at the hospital on Monday after he was shot.

“They have a bandage with the holes and there is blood all over it,”  Abraham Cavasos said. “He can barely breathe, and was like, ‘It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.'”

According to the Wyoming Police Department, officers were called to a domestic dispute with a suspect reportedly armed with a knife. The department says one of its officers confronted Manuel outside of a home off of Walter and Division and shot him.

But the loved ones say says they heard a different story from Manuel’s girlfriend.

“(It’s) like my brother was saying earlier, they didn’t have to shoot him,” Robert Cavasos said. “He does have some issues, but it didn’t have to lead up to this where they had to shoot him.”

Relatives say Manuel Cavasos got into a fight with his girlfriend, but but only had the knife because he possibly planned to hurt himself with it.

“As soon as he turns around, they shoot him,” Abraham Cavasos said. “He didn’t run or lunge at the police or anything.”

Loved ones admit that his lengthy history likely didn’t help the situation.

A search of Manuel’s criminal record brings up several offenses including:  felony burglary, obstruction, armed robbery and misdemeanor assault.

“The worst part is him sitting there and him telling him that they are going to send him back to prison for a long time,” Abraham Cavasos said.  “And he’s like, ‘I didn’t try to hurt anybody. They shot me, and they’re trying to send me back to prison.'”

Family says last they knew,  Manuel Cavasos was still in the ICU with a bullet lodged in his side. They also tell FOX 17 he had five ribs broken, and possible damage to his lung from a bullet.

“At the end of  the day, I don’t feel like he deserved to be shot,”  Abraham Cavasos said.

When asked about the family’s concerns, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office referred FOX 17 to the hospital, which hasn’t responded to requests for comment at this time.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

No officers were hurt in Monday’s incident.

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    • Candice

      To Mike. He was not physically abusing anyone. They were having a disagreement and otvwas called as a domestic dispute not domestic violence
      Read the definition of domestic.

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  • Amy

    Witnesses say they saw him chasing a women with a knife. The police don’t need anymore confirmation than that to know he is a threat to them. Those defending him should be happy to take care of him after he gets out of the hospital. That will only be short time for them until he goes to prison.

    • Carrie

      His gf was trying to get him to put the knife down because he was threatening to hurt himself. Yes he could have made a wiser choice and just drop it but she herself said that the police showed up jumped out the car with the guns already pulled. Before she knew it he turned and they shot 2 rounds. Then he took off running and they continued to shoot at him and he finally dropped and that’s when they cuffed him and took him into custody. Only issue the family has is that they could have just used a taser they did not have to shoot at him or anyone that would have been in his place. Also the other issue is that 6 hours later and the bullet was still lodged in his side and he has 5 broken ribs yet not properly given medical treatment. Any of you would feel the same way had it been your loved one. I hope none of you have to endure this.

      • Tim

        Have a deadly weapon and argue so loudly that the police need to be called? You’re probably gonna get shot. Especially with a history like this loser. Literally…. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Shame he lived, society has already paid enough money and trauma for this punks crimes. Just because some of you, maybe family, care about him, does not mean he’s a good or worthwhile person.

      • Michael

        Of course they jumped out of their cars with their guns drawn. They knew they were responding to a call of a man with a knife. The law requires law enforcement use a reasonable amount of force – not the least amount of force. A handgun is a reasonable response to a knife.

        The police have nothing to do with the medical treatment. He’s at the hospital. If the bullet hasn’t been removed there’s a medical reason.

  • laurin

    I’m sure they said “drop the knife” ? A police officer would like to go home at night too. Cannot make excuses for people when they won’t listen. Of course it’s sad.

  • Nick

    You are holding a knife and the cops show up. Um a smart man would drop the knife and follow all the I instructions the police officer says. You have lots of “street smart” idiots saying you got rights. Yeah the right to get shot.

  • lml25

    The police shoot someone and SOP for the family is to start thinking “lawsuit”–by telling different stories about what happened.Millions to made in the latest scam… Police Lotto–if you get a good lawyer.

  • Sillyoldme

    A domestic call with a weapon involved. Yep, he didn’t plan on doing anything with the weapon, rightttttty.
    What color is the sky in which you live?
    Why did you all call the police. Next time his family should deal with him. But, wait, he’s going to prison because they didn’t deal with him. And, now, they blame police. Laughable!

  • Derp

    The lesson here is don’t call the police unless you need them to kill someone, since that’s the only type of “help” they offer.

  • Dipshot

    I this officer needs to spend some time on the range. Now we have to feed this criminal for the rest of his life.
    What a waste of taxpayer money

    • Michael

      Police shoot to stop the threat. Did that not happen?

      They do not shoot to kill. The goal isn’t to kill. Sometimes it happens, which is ok, but the goal is to stop the threat.


    I hope Manuel does some serious soul-searching about his actions from his past life while he is recuperating in the hospital! This may just be the wake-up call he needs to turn his life around and start acting like a normal human being.

  • jerry

    he has a knife hes been in prison for felony burglary, obstruction, armed robbery and misdemeanor assault. and the family thinks hes a great guy to bad he didnt get shot 10 times we would be done paying his way i think the family should repay the people he has robed from the state for feeding him and giving him a place to live then they can say how great he was

  • Common cents

    He is a worthless POS criminal with a long criminal record. A drain on society that needs to be in prison for the rest of his life.

  • James

    And if he killed his girlfriend, the family would be screaming the cops didn’t get there fast enough. It’s a no-win for
    police nowadays.

  • Working man

    Hey Carrie give us a up date did the p o s die yet or is he getting free medical care yet. Is your family going to pay his medical bills or are us tax paying people going to get stuck paying to bad the police didn’t hit him 10 more times

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