1 hurt in officer-involved shooting in Wyoming

The scene of a shooting on Nov. 4, 2019 in Wyoming, Mich.

WYOMING, Mich. — Wyoming police are investigating an officer-involved shooting Monday afternoon.

The shooting happened around 11:20 a.m. on Walter Street near Division Avenue in Wyoming.

Officers were sent to the area on a report of a domestic situation involving a suspect being armed with a knife. When they arrived, police made contact with the man and shots were eventually fired by a Wyoming officer.

Police didn’t say what caused the officer to fire his gun.

A couple who witnessed the incident said they couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them as they left their home on Walter Street and started driving toward Division Avenue.

“Two police jump out of the car, two people are running,” Sheryl Smith said. “The police are running behind them with guns drawn and all of a sudden we hear shooting, somebody goes down.”

Minutes later, the area was filled with police.

“(Her husband) keeps driving towards Division and I said, ‘you need to turn around because they’re shooting toward us,'” Smith said. “So we turn around and go around the block and park over here and within two minutes, police were coming from everywhere, sirens from everywhere.”

The suspect’s injuries aren’t expected to be life-threatening.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office will take over the investigation of the incident, which is standard protocol.


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  • lml25

    It’s getting to be impossible to be a cop in GR anymore.15-20 years ago,the only dangerous part of the city was Division/Hall.Now–no area is safe.Thank you mayors
    Heartwell and Bliss.You cannot vote for Bliss for mayor–based on what she has caused to happen to the city the last 2 to 3 years.Yes,I know this story is Wyoming,but it’s all connected now.Thugs shoot in Kentwood and hide on the west side and vice versa.We need a non-liberal,but I’ll take “ANYONE BUT BLISS”.

    • steve

      If Bliss had to run against someone who has their head on their shoulders and an ounce of common sense, she’d never have been elected in the first place, much less reelected. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and the touchy-feely social worker will be the winner tomorrow.

      • lml25

        Lol.Thanks mayor for clearing that up.I KNOW it’s worse from my own eyes and ears.The quote is:”There are lies,damn lies and statistics.”Stats are your lie.I’ve never seen so much crime on the west side of town in my life–ever since diversity (and Bliss/Heartwell)showed up.

        • Dan Smith

          Shut up.

          Clear facts right in front of you and you willfully deny it.

          You’re a disgruntled racist that can’t accept anything other than “alternate facts” and blatant lies in the name of “sticking it to the libs”.


  • Suzi

    Honestly this has been happening all over our city for years more than 20 it wasn’t just division and hall.. ever since social media has blown up over the last decade there isnt anything that happens anymore that isn’t posted online with in minutes of the situation especially these days so of course the news has so many more sources to get info and get it out there before they have all the real facts or not

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