Shots fired on the west side of Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Police responded to reports of shots fired on Quarry Street just before 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

Witnesses say people were running from the scene screaming.

No one has been reported injured and no suspects have been identified yet.

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating the incident.

We will continue to update you as the story develops.

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  • moe hawk

    Yeah, the deaf, dumb, and blind make losey witnesses. Then too, the ones who are on probation and have warrants won’t have anything to say either. Guess they are victims of their own Gestopo tactics.

  • Santababy

    Makes me really want to allow my kids to trick or treat on that side of town. Not so much.
    If anything working to put the house up for sale and move out of city limits come Spring!

  • stop the madness

    It’s a shame parents won’t teach love thy neighbor as thyself. Of course, it helps to have parents that care enough to be involved in their children’s lives. I hoped the revamping of the westside would stop it from turning into toilet bowl.

    • lml25

      Just a little target practice by the thugs,trying out some of their stolen guns and ammo.
      “No injuries,no one hit,” said mayor Bliss,”what’s the problem?Wake me up when there’s a REAL shooting.”
      The mayor appeared irritated:”Don’t you wh**e people,still living in that area know,that this is the price you pay so my diversity plan can continue?”
      Speaking of Halloween,you wonder when the Detroit tradition of “Devil’s Night” gets introduced into the west side.Can’t wait for that.

      OCTOBER 27, 2019 AT 1:34 PM

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