Man arrested in Bangor after relative finds explicit images on her daughter’s phone 

BANGOR, Mich. — A 32-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after a relative he was staying with found pornographic images on his phone, said Bangor police chief Tommy Simpson.

The relative immediately called police, who quickly interviewed the man, Chief Simpson said. 

“We were shown the disturbing images. The suspect did admit the images belonged to him,” recalled Chief Simpson. “And he said there was possibly a sexual encounter that happened in a southern state during the summertime between the victim and himself.”

Chief Simpson said through the investigation, and interviews with the victim, police learned that the sexual abuse began in Louisiana and continued when the victim moved to Michigan.

“She was down in Louisiana for a short time with relatives down there where there were allegations of sexual abuse that was unknown at the time to the family or law enforcement,” Chief Simpson said. “She then relocated up here to Michigan. And actually, if it had not been for the mother we would not have discovered these allegations.”

The suspect, identified by Van Buren County courts as Gregory Cox Dempsey of Arkansas, was arrested on Tuesday. Wednesday he was arraigned on several charges, including two counts of criminal sexual conduct. 

The victim is currently at home with family. 

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  • digiphot2

    Okay, dear Parents….perfect EXAMPLE of HOW WE MUST SCREEN ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE A THREAT TO OUR KIDS, INCLUDING ASKING OUR YOUNGSTERS THEMSELVES ABOUT THE PEOPLE WE ARE VETTING. ( Even something as innocent and noble as gymnastics has just recently unearthed several adult serial child molesters who repeatedly abused innocent children who were in that sport. C.H.

  • rg

    Headline says images were on daughters phone. Story say they were on mans phone. Another FOX17 report that can’t get the facts straight.

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