Meeting planned over proposed marijuana provisioning center in GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Residents on Grand Rapids' Southeast Side have a chance to voice their opinion about a marijuana provisioning center that could soon be opening up in West Michigan.

Linc Up in Grand Rapids, 1167 Madison Avenue SE, is hosting a community meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday to start a discussion over a new medical marijuana provisioning center that may one day open up shop on the city's southeast side.

"There's a proposed marijuana facility coming to 1316 Madison Avenue, and Link Up is not for or against," said Willie Patterson, Engagement Director for Linc Up. "We are for community voice, so it is a community conversation to gain community voice."

An Ann Arbor-based medical marijuana group is proposing the facility near Madison Avenue and Adams Street in Grand Rapids.

"We want to hear what the residents have to say about this proposed facility," Patterson said.

"You have demographics that are starkly against having marijuana in the area, and then you have a demographic that really wants it in the area," he said. "There are concerns with what does that mean for traffic? What does that mean for residents? Are there agreements that can be made to benefit the community?"

The dispensary would be on the first to open in Grand Rapids after marijuana was legalized in Michigan for recreational use but still would only be for medical marijuana patients for now.

"Some of the pros would be more revenue coming into the community," Patterson said. "The cons, again, is drug usage. So you know we have a legalized system, but (marijuana) is still considered a drug."

Anyone is welcome to attend, ask questions, and voice their concerns.

"Make sure you know what's happening in your community," Patterson said.

The Ann Arbor company still has to go before the planning commission committee in the coming months, and the city commission will have to vote before it could open.

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  • Real Talk

    Cannabis is far less harmful than anything that a liquor store or CVS sells. If you’re opposed to cannabis, you’re ignorant, period.

    • Kevin Rahe

      What you say might be reasonable if the vast majority of alcohol use involved a desire to get drunk. But that is not the case. There is no use of marijuana that is equivalent to the moderate use of alcohol.

      • Real Sarcasm

        Ah yes, the desire to get drunk is where the harm in alcohol comes from. Not the fact that it slows reflexes, lowers inhibitions, or damages internal organs; it’s the desire to get drunk that is so dangerous. Logic so bulletproof could have only come from the pulpit.

        • Kevin Rahe

          It sounds like you would have been a big fan of Prohibition in the last century. And of course per usual (and as with historical prohibitionists) the harmful effects of alcohol that you cite are almost exclusively associated with the ABUSE of it rather than the moderate use of it.

        • Kevin Rahe

          “Desire to get drunk” was simply an allusion to the ABUSE of alcohol – of which the evils you speak are its fruits – as opposed to the NON-abusive use of alcohol, which you are loath to talk about.

  • Iamct01

    Alcohol dispensaries should have to go through same process. Heck in Wyoming you can see a alcohol dispensary from Lamar park in a building kids use to buy candy.

  • Matt

    Bar con’s: drunk people that hit and kill pedestrian and drive the wrong way down the highway. But thats socially acceptable so its cool………

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