Parents concerned by gas station being built near Plainfield Township school

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Some parents are expressing concern about a gas station being built near a school in Plainfield Township.

They say it could become a hazard and are upset they didn’t have a say in the decision.

"I think that a gas station is probably one of the worst things that could go in there as far as safety is concerned for our children, both from patrons that will be frequenting there, traffic concerns and of course the environmental hazard concerns," says Mindy Worley, a parent of two Chandler Woods Charter Academy students.

That gas station is being built right now on the corner of Post Drive and Samarick Avenue, not far from Chandler Woods Charter Academy where nearly 700 students attend.

Some of the parents say the street leading into the school is already congested during pick-up and drop-offs and they're concerned that a gas station will bring in more traffic and strangers near the school.

They also say they weren't aware of the building project until a couple of days ago, but the township supervisor said he's been in contact with the school about this for months now and that they were on board with project.

In a statement, the school had this to say about the project:

"The land adjacent to the school is zoned commercial, so we knew it was a possibility that, at some point, it may be developed.”

They went on to say they will continue to consider their options when it comes to traffic impacts.

But according to a letter from the Kent County Road Commission about the gas station's traffic study, there are no plans to improve the roads in the area.

"The gas station itself wouldn't really make the situation any worse than it already is," said Plainfield Township Supervisor, Cameron Van Wyngarden.

The township says the project's been in the works for a year and was mentioned in two township news letters.

"Part of what we need people to understand is that a lot of decisions were made years or even decades ago and so we need people to be involved in the planning process from day one not at the last stage," Van Wyngarden said.

Still, some Chandler Woods parents are concerned that this lot may not be the place for a gas station.

"I would like to see plans changed for that space, I understand that it's prime real estate being right on the highway in a growing and developing area but I think that a gas station is probably one of the worst things that could go in there," Worley said.

Building has already started on the gas station but there is no firm date on when it will be finished. Unfortunately, according the township supervisor, the time for public comment has come and gone.

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    • CherylCBeard

      I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I’ve been doing,…….


  • jerry



    Your story failed to mention that the school has been aware of this development for a long time. It is unfortunate that they failed to notify parents in a timely manner.
    I was at a Plainfield township planning commission meeting a couple months ago regarding another matter and the gas station was one of the items on the agenda that was discussed

    • Julie Cocos

      Also notices about these meetings have to be publicly posted. It’s your job as a community member to stay informed and watch and learn when the meetings are, attend and voice your opinion about what is on the agenda- it’s not their job to reach out to everyone they think will be impacted by each item they are voting on.

  • Sheri

    To be honest, the congestion in that intersection is caused by the charter school and a light was added to help. There also happens to be two lights within 300 yards from each other to accommodate this school that was built near the exit to the expressway. On the other corner there is a Funeral Home. (Which was there before the school…so I’m sure it’s zoned commercial) If anything…there was a zoning variance for this school…so her concerns are out of line to begin with. The school was poorly placed to begin with.

  • Steve Areeno

    Because no school has ever been located on or near a busy road / businesses anywhere. (I’m looking at you East Kentwood high school)

  • Ed

    Allow me to lend another perspective. I live on Chandller Drive, just east of the school. On a daily basis I see impatient eastbound parents who are not willing to wait for a legal left turn on to Samrick AVe. to pick up their kids. These parents travel down to Chandler Drive and make a U-turn in the middle Chandler Drive so they can return westbound and make a right turn in to the school. The worn out grass on the side of Chandler Drive serves witness to how often this happens. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been following a vehicle that has done this and had to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. The reality is, I don’t recall this ever happening before Chandler Charter Woods Charter Academy was built there. To be honest, I’m more concerned with the current traffic situation than I am with how it will be after the new gas station is built. I just don’t envision a lot of gas station patrons making a U-turn on Chandler Drive to return west to get gas. However, I do suspect that impatient Chandler Woods parents will continue this dangerous and illegal practice of circumventing the traffic signal at Samrick Ave. and making U-turns in the middle of the Chandler Drive. I’ve read comments where parents are concerned with how the new gas station will endanger their children. Well, some of those same parents should follow the the traffic laws and stop endangering me on a daily basis.

  • Ab

    Lol you people are so cold hearted and have zero imagination. If this were my kindergartener, id be pissed. 300ft from the school is something only a dick would do and Only a board of dicks would approve… going on for years and only two mentions in a local flyer of a township many to most attending families dont live in? God forbid anyone trust a school to keep them informed lol. You know what – youre right. Maybe they should be ecstatic that they can get a convenient pizza and beer with their 7yo before walking the mere 300ft to the school at 8am. They can smoke a cig in their face and flick it on the ground, and toss their can on the playground. They can enjoy the toxic fumes and de-icer, petrol runoff from the station as well, and enjoy the company of many many strangers off the highway. Bc you know what? You guys dont mind, and thats what matters!!!! Your kids live in trash – its offensive that anyone would want to preserve a spot of untrashed space, so lets not support them at all. The nerve of those parents and kindergarteners being shocked they were kept out of the loop and the ppl they trust were lying to them. We should never trust public servants- and we like it that way, right?! Down with parents! They’re the worst! We wont rest until every child has addictions and leukemia! Lol… seriously guys. Thats F’d up.

  • Dipshot

    Then pile your nasty kids into your Prius, and take them somewhere else, the world does not revolve around you or your nasty vermin.
    If you don’t like what the owner of this property is doing, then you should have bought it.

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