Byron Center mom confiscates $400 of vape products from kids

BYRON CENTER, Mich. — When Carol Morell learned three of her four kids were vaping, she did what she says any good mom would do: search their rooms.

Over the past year and a half, Morell and her husband have confiscated about $400 worth of vaping pens and juices from her kids.

“They’ll tell you that I’m a hovering, over-the-top parent," Morell said. "But I do have to supervise and you know, make sure I know what they’re doing, but I think I’m middle-of-the-road, pretty easygoing.”

Morell's three kids who vape are 15 and 16. She said they can be sneaky but when they start coughing, she knows they've gotten their hands on new products.

"I just wait until they screw up and I’ll see it," Morell said. "I’ll go in their room and search their stuff. I think every good mom has to search their kid’s stuff.”

On Tuesday, Morell said she found a new vape pen in her son's room. In the past, she's gone as far as unscrewing a locked box in his room to see what was inside.

"I know how bad it is and that’s why I work really hard not to let them do it," Morell said.

When Morell was 16 years old, she started smoking cigarettes. She said it took her 20 years to finally quit, which is why she'll do anything to protect her kids from a nicotine addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more teens each year admit to vaping. Morell blames the increase on how the products are marketed.

“Popcorn flavor, strawberry, pineapple, adults aren’t doing that," Morell said. "That is for kids.”

When Morell confiscates vaping products from her kids, she said she usually doesn't punish them further them because losing the money they paid for them is bad enough.

“My husband and I just remind them, ‘Hey, this is for your own good. We know that it’s not healthy for you, so we’re gonna keep doing it. We’re gonna keep taking it away,'" Morell said.

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  • Jeff

    Morell sounds like she could win the stupidest mother alive award. 1st, she is wrong about adults not using those products. 2nd, what kind of parent continuously lets their child get away with purchasing vape products and doesn’t put a stop to it? It doesn’t make any sense. I could understand 1 or 2 times without punishment, but over $400 dollars worth? Why aren’t you asking where your son is getting these products? Talk about a sad excuse of a parent.

    • Ali Abu-Awad

      Well, shut up you could win the STUPIDDEST commenter award. I HATE YOU as well as vaping. PLEASE do not taint this generation more than you already have!

  • Ej

    How do these 15 and 16 yr olds purchase these products and where ? This is the real problem plus the fact in another state they raided another house producing THC black market cartridges.

  • Shell

    Try punishing your children, obviously taking away the products is NOT punishment enough! Take away the car if they drive the tv phone, video games and anything else the kids enjoy. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW! They know from you, signs in stores, and the tv that these are not for people their ages, yet they insist on breaking the law. Your children are part of the problem because you insist on not parenting like most of you whining about the vaping industry. Even the American Heart Society says these are less harmful than cigarettes and adults do like flavors. When your kids get ice cream do you avoid getting yourself one? Do you drink flavored alcohol or straight everclear? Do you eat fruits and desserts? Save it with your melodrama that the industry is at fault…anyone reading this article can see you are a big part of the problem.

    • pork steak pete

      you are a secret cross dresser you piece of sh*t. Get of Fox17 and do your job where you type on a computer for 8 hours straight and complain about the new generation while your brain is slowly diminishing. VAPE OR DIE 2020

  • Sandie

    I wish we could educate her. Why wouldn’t adults want good flavors? Does she just drink her coffee black or just eat liver and onions because it’s a adult food? I guess she doesn’t like strawberries or popcorn to snack on, or a yummy hazelnut creamer in her coffee.

  • jackfr0st33

    I’m a 40 year old man and I vape frosted flakes flavored eliquid. I don’t have $400 worth of vape gear how are you not putting a stop to this. You seem to make it like it’s a game. I remember when I was a kid if I was doing something my parents were dead set against it was probably going to stop one way or the other…. Don’t blame the flavors hook your kids how about you take control of the situation and don’t let him break the law….sad

  • pork steak pete

    Such and inspiration, I found my son vaping the other day and I beat the sh*t out of him. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION AND MY DOG WAS POISIONED.

  • Derek

    She’s wrong, though. “Popcorn flavor, strawberry, pineapple, adults aren’t doing that,” Morell said. “That is for kids.” Incorrect statement. If she got out once in awhile, she know that the majority of adults vaping are vaping flavors like this. I know I used to before I finally quit. Go sit in a vap shop for a few hours and watch what people are buying. Its the sweet flavors people are going for.

  • Brian

    Once again we have ignorance by her saying that grown ups don’t like or want those flavors is asinine by her logic then, she shouldn’t eating or drinking anything with flavor, she should only be drinking water, with no seasoning on her food or better yet eating only tofu,, this is what ignorance looks like.

  • Kim

    Just WOW…any of you idiots parents? Any of you gutless wonders not using your real names responsible for anyone else? 16 year olds get their supplies from 18 year olds who will use selling to make a few bucks. Take one away and they will buy another and hide it. So she just should never let her kids out of the house again until they are 18. Then you all would have other names for her. SHE KNOWS ENOUGH ABOUT IT TO KNOW IT’S ADDICTING AND DANGEROUS FOR HER KIDS. That, as a mother is all she needs to know. Hopefully you people aren’t procreating.

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