MSP: Refs wanted for theft of NFL game

DETROIT — Michigan State Police say they are searching for men in striped shirts accused of stealing an NFL football game.

The MSP Detroit Post tweeted an image of NFL officials Tuesday asking for information on “this man or his accomplices” after the Detroit Lions lost their Monday night matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

Detroit lost on a field goal as time expired, one of two drives that were helped by a questionable penalty to extend a Green Bay Drive on third down.

Both penalties for illegal hands to the face were called on Trey Flowers, who has never been called for that penalty in his 5-year career. Each flag was thrown on third down, the first leading to a touchdown and the second essentially ending the game by allowing Green Bay to run down the clock and kick the field goal as time exp

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  • kiz miazz

    Our tax dollars at work. Doesn’t MSP have REAL criminals to catch? Patrica hasn’t figured out he’s in Detroit, not Foxboro. Those cheap moves get flagged on the other 31 teams.

    • CPinMI

      What cheap moves? Those two penalties that cost the Lions the game were clean blocks. Rodgers was playing like a rookie that night. He didn’t orchestrate any comeback. The Zebras handed him the win. The refs are supposed to make sure the game is fair and the rules are followed. When they make such obvious mistakes like these, it reinforces the need for penalties to be reviewable. The booth caught it right away and eve the NFL has said that those were not penalties. Hard to win when you have to beat the officials, too.

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