GR tattoo parlor raising money to help homeless

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The staff at Meteor Ink House de Tatuadora see people facing homelessness everyday. The tattoo parlor is on Division Avenue which is an area frequented by people living on the streets.

“It’s sad that there’s such a problem with the homeless population here in Grand Rapids. But ya (sic) know, anything that we can do to help that’s what we’re here for,” piercing artist Bradford Logan said.

So staff members say they want to do their part and fill a need by donating their time and talents to help Mel Trotter Ministries with its fundraising goal.

Logan said, "The goal is to raise as much as we can.”

Monday, Mel Trotter Ministries announced it’s trying to raise $25,000 for custom wooden beds, new mattresses, pillows and linen.

In response, the shop is pledging to donate 75% of the proceeds raised this Friday to help.

“The desire comes a lot from the owner (Andrea DeLeon). She gives of herself very selflessly, and we as a community need to be able to give back a little bit more," Logan explained.

"So this is our way of doing that,” he said.

The parlor's fundraiser is happening this Friday at the shop. If you want to donate but don’t want to get a tattoo, Mel Trotter has a link to its fundraiser at

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  • lml25

    You know,seriously,there are billions of dollars that people like DeVos,Meijer and many other businesses, could reach into their pockets for,to alleviate a large part of the problem.The tattoo place is doing something symbollically,but it’s not a
    solution. If you’re a city planner,you cannot let your city become a ghetto–and we weren’t 15-20 years ago–but Heartwell wanted diversity/rentals to take over–and Bliss has taken the diversity baton and run with it ,making neighborhoods fall into ghettodom.It’s b.s.what the Dem politicians are doing to this city.Vote against Bliss for a start to POSSIBLY saving the city..

    • Ifyoucantsaysomething nice

      The 25% that they are not donating are covering the supplies for the tattoos. The owner is paying the artists out of their own pocket. Maybe you could use your mouth by giving blow jobs and don’t 75% of your earnings to this cause. Just an idea

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