Coopersville teachers still without contracts

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. — Many students and community members are rallying behind Coopersville teachers who are still stuck without a contract.

This week a state mediator was brought in for the fourth time to try and find a resolution between the school board and the district.

According to the union, Coopersville teachers are the lowest paid in the district. The union says a teacher with 10 years of experience makes $52,400 while a teacher with the same experience would make $61,200 in Kenowa Hills or $60,802 at Sparta.

Community members who support the teachers have posted signs in the yard.

"I support the teachers," said Kristen Ammeraal, who  got her sign last week. "I feel that they deserve what they should be paid."

The union has been bargaining for a two-year contract with a 4.5% pay increase each year to set them on a standard similar to others in the county. The lack of salary has caused teachers to join other districts, according to the Union.

Since February 2017, 46 teachers have been hired at Coopersville, which is about a third of the total staff at the district.

According the Teachers' Union, the Superintendent has indicated state funding is in part responsible for the teacher salaries.

Superintendent Ron Veldman provided this statement to FOX 17's request for comment:

"Both sides are still continuing to work with the state appointed mediator as part of the collective bargaining process." 

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  • Rick

    I like my veldmand’s response the teachers pay is due to school funding. What a joke the school of Coopersville just spent over $50,000 dollars for a new football field and track for a foot ball coach that can’t produce a win. The track and field had nothing wrong with it. That 50,000 dollars could of went towards the teachers pay.

    The school has a good spending problem on upgrading things that don’t need to be upgraded. Then say will state funding is preventing us from paying the teachers more. But when it comes to school count day the school demands us as parents to change any and all plans to make sure our kids are at the school all day.

    Here is there budget from last years meeting

    Now $547,000 for athletics??? Really we are asked to pay for uniforms pay for cleaning said uniforms pay for our kids to join sports and band. What the heck does athletics need $547,000 for concessions ??? They buy the food they over price said food so now there making even more money

    1.3 million for transportation lol the school of Coopersville only provides transportation to school and has a very limited busing for kids that live outside of town so how do they need 1.3 million for busing if they have a school activity somewhere they will announce we will provide transportation to said event but your kids will need to be picked up. Don’t the buses have to come back anyway?? Really

    Center stage activities and out going transfers 30,000 and 25,000 again really if our kids want to be in the school play again we have to pay and pay for the outfits and cleaning then you have to buy tickets to said play. So again where is all this money going and what is out going transfers.

    Look at the pupil general administration and school admin that’s almost 3 million to me it almost looks and sounds like a band school board and superintendent labeling thinks as such and giving more money to the admins. Makes you wonder.

    $647,000 other central support hmm don’t you have enough in pupil support??

    The info above was from 2018 school year

    2019 then increased the amounts if not doubled the amounts to again a football couch that can not produce a win in a foot ball game and they quadruple the amount for center stage activities it seriously looks like the board is just tossing money where it doesn’t need to be if a foot ball couch can’t produce a win then it’s time to cut funding in athletics don’t spend $50,000 on a new field for the coach. Hell I can coach and produce a win better and faster then coach kamen.

    Here’s the 2019 budget from the administration

    Here’s the 2020 budget again they increased the amounts and added in an extra $95,000 for added acquisition and construction hmm what did they buy and what are they constructing?? I don’t see it.

    To me it looks likes corrupt school board dropping and spending money where it doesn’t.

    Here is a copy of the schools credit info look at Mr veldman

    Why does he have $10,000 line of credit

    Why does the superintendent make almost 4 times what the teachers do? Info located below.

    See it’s not about state funding. It’s about the current superintendent the current school board to stop spending money and stop increasing funds on a non productive football program. The school board superintendent and assistant superintendent make 4 times what the teachers make and do nothing to help or teach our students. It’s all the actual teachers doing the work. But the suits and ties make the big bucks while sitting behind that said state funded desk and chair. Making the calls to not give the teachers a raise but give said school board and superintendents a good raise. See the thing with Coopersville school district is they charge the parents for EVERYTHING while they take in all the money from the state and spend it on there selfs (raises) or just spend it on stuff it doesn’t need to be spent on. Just so they can say it’s the states problem they need to give us more money.

    Why do you can give yourself a raise and spend all of it again then you say
    State give us more money and again you do the same.

    The Coopersville higher ups are just like politicians they money hungry suites and ties they get all of this money tossed at them and the first thing they say is ok pay raises for the admin then budget then down as far as teachers well we have no money it’s because of the state.

    So In order to fix the funding problem of Coopersville you have to do the following

    Get rid of the money hungry suits and times and get a new school board and new superintendents stop spending money on a failing coach that can’t produce. And start spending where the money is needed. Bussing and teachers .

    Same goes for the politicians the problem isn’t with any president because every 4 to 8 years we get a new one. But what remains the same is the money hungry suits and ties. Same goes with Coopersville schools teachers are leaving every year and they get new ones in but what remains the same is the money hungry suits and ties and all they want is our kids butts in seats on count day so they can get more money from the state and more raises for them selfs and nothing for the ones that actually do the work.

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