Condition worsens for Peyton Dennis, 5-year-old honorary deputy

IONIA, Mich. — Peyton Dennis’ family says his prognosis is not improving at this point.

On Oct. 2, after an appointment to go over the latest brain scans, Peyton’s mother updated his Facebook page with the results: there seems to be swelling in Peyton’s brain stem.

The swelling could be caused by growth in the tumors or by the radiation treatments. The doctors fear he has necrosis, or prematurely dying cells, in his brain.

Still, his parents insist on looking to the future.

“We want Peyton to keep living his life to the fullest for as long as possible.” Peyton’s mom, Katie, posted to Facebook after the news.

Peyton is having a negative reaction to some of the medications he is on, and his parents say they hope he is strong enough to adjust. Steroids like the ones he is taking can cause fits of rage, depression, and lack of interest in normal activities.

The Dennis family is now faced with the most difficult decision imaginable: to continue with medication in the hopes he can adjust or stop treatment and let Peyton return to his normal, spirited self for as long as he has left.

In the meantime, his family will begin planning an early Christmas for Peyton as soon as they return from a trip to Tennessee.

Peyton first captured our hearts after a terminal and rare brain cancer diagnosis, DIPG. His parents have been determined to give their son the best life possible in what ever amount of time he would have.

Peyton was sworn in as an honorary Ionia County Sheriff’s deputy in March and was given the police-themed birthday party to end all police-themed birthday parties with actual fire trucks, police cruisers, SWAT vehicles, ambulances and more, plus officers and rescue workers coming from all over to wish him the very best.

DIPG starts in the brain stem and is currently treatable, but incurable. Peyton’s family has a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for his medical expenses and a Facebook page for updates on his condition.


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