Newaygo County dealing with river flooding

WHITE CLOUD, Mich. — Newaygo County is on flood watch after multiple rivers have begun to rise beyond their banks.

Abby Watkins, Newaygo County Emergency Manager, says 35 miles of the Muskegon River downstream from the Croton Dam, is seeing water levels rise. Flooding is a common occurrence in this area. On Wednesday, she said the river was beginning to exceed it’s banks and impact properties in the area.

The Muskegon River Wednesday Afternoon

The White River is also seeing some minor flooding in Newaygo County as water has started to rise over the banks. Homeowners may see water collect in the area around their homes, but Watkins says water coming inside is unlikely.

Watkins says, that while the county is used to dealing with this sort of minor flooding, it is unusual to see this outside of spring.

The National Weather Service office in Grand Rapids has designated the rivers at a minor flood stage. There are 3 classifications they use: minor, moderate and major flood stage.

Abby Watkins says portions of the Muskegon and White rivers may rise another couple of feet throughout Wednesday evening. Newaygo County is under a flood warning until Saturday. The river levels are expected to recede back to safe measurements at that time. Watkins says, "If we get more rain over the weekend, that would have to be closely monitored for any additional rises or impact."

The Newaygo County Road Commission had the following roads shut down on Wednesday due to water on the roadway. A current list of affected roads is available at the Newaygo County Road Commission's facebook page.

  • Luce Avenue (Between 24th Street and 32nd Street)
  • 112th Street (Between Dickinson Avenue and Fitzgerald Avenue)
  • Van Buren Avenue (East of Spruce Avenue)
  • Buchanan Road (Between Walnut and Oak)
  • Hayes Street (Between Willow and Walnut)

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1 Comment

  • Daniel G

    As of yesterday afternoon Croton had two gates open on the right side of the spillway. The left spillway gates are under construction and opening them would be problematic. Large excavation project going on to the west of the dam. Hopefully they can spill enough water so that it does NOT become a problem.

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