Pelosi announces official impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 24: U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks to the media at the Capitol Building September 24, 2019 in Washington, DC. Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry today after allegations that President Donald Trump sought to pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate leading Democratic presidential contender, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, which was the subject of a reported whistle-blower complaint that the Trump administration has withheld from Congress. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the House is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi made the announcement Tuesday from the speaker’s office at the Capitol saying “no one is above the law.”

The move puts the Democratic speaker’s stamp on the investigations that have been underway in the House.

Calls for an impeachment inquiry have intensified following reports that Trump may have sought a foreign government’s help in his reelection bid.

President Donald Trump is reacted swiftly to Pelosi’s announcement.

Trump notes that Pelosi’s announcement comes as he meets Tuesday with world leaders at the United Nations. He’s tweeted that “the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country!”

Pelosi says the president “must be held accountable.”

Trump tweeted: “They never even saw the transcript of the call. A total Witch Hunt!”

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    • We the people

      All Trump has to do is say he dosent recall doing any of it and smash his phone and bleach his hard drives a kill anyone that is going to talk oh and say he don’t remember.

  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    Impeach him for what? Winning the election? Surviving the Muller witch hunt? Alerting Ukraine about Biden’s illegal activities?

    Go ahead, please ensure President Trump wins 2020!

  • dem o'crat

    Screw Gun Control, Immigration, Climate Change, and the Budget, Proof positive if they had ANY candidate they thought o could beat Trump, they wouldn’t be wasting time on this. Sad when you think about it.

  • DaMailman

    Hey Nancy, thanks for listening to the extremists in your party and ensuring a high Republican turnout in 2020. And good luck getting a 2/3rds vote in the Senate as well.

  • On It

    Why didn’t we impeach vice pres biden when he openly bragged that he threatened withholding billions if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor investigating bidens son? That wasn’t even a secret! dims are so pathetic, it’s a joke, they are a joke. They know they’ve got nothing & they can’t beat him. Impeach is their only hope. Remember Hillary said they can’t be civil until they regain the POWER. What a country they have made.

  • We the people

    Hey Fox 17, why don’t you ever put say how good the President is like how He has lowered taxes that you are enjoying, lowered unemployment to almost record numbers the trade deals that will benefit all of us, made us energy sufficient so we don’t have to rely on foreign oils, is stopping radicals over seas, and also MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! So we are number one, I don’t know why people think we have to worry about what happens in other countries, I only care about America and that’s how it should be.

    • Ej

      It’s because ALL media with exception of OANN or one America news is in on the destruction of this country. Propaganda and projection is all they do plus the fact they regurgitate stories from the communist news network (CNN) and AP and all the others, they were just sold for a reason.

  • The Conservative

    We need to stand up for United States of America and continue to push out the Democratic idiots who have ruined our great nation! We are taking it back and I challenge all of us on the right to stand up together arm and arm!
    Let’s continue to destroy the Deep State and their idiot followers!! Stand strong brothers and sisters to win this fight for the good of our country!! Our nation depends on us!!

  • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

    Next spring the streets of Washington DC will be bleached white with the bones of congressman and senators.

  • Ej

    This propaganda outlet is as bad as Fakebook and any other platform that doesn’t like your comment. Freedom of speech is not alive or well.

  • Common cents

    Stop the madness, you can’t get through to demos0cia!ists with facts. They don’t have the mental capacity to understand them.

  • Dan Smith

    LOL what a Faux News echo chamber this comment section is. You old idiots sure are triggered and apparently have a hard time with reading comprehension; who would’ve thought that:

    – AT LEAST 10 counts of obstructing justice during Mueller investigation

    – And Extorting/Bribing a foreign country to interfere in our elections wouldn’t be grounds for impeachment?

    Wow, Trumpblicans sure are dimwitted to the nth degree.

  • On It

    After dragging the country through the Mueller debacle, the outright slander & unwarranted public flaying of Kavanaugh, the constant vitriol, & the lack of doing one positive thing for voters, I think the dems have lost the support of even those they always took for granted while they woo illegals to keep them afloat.
    In what world should an illegal have a right to vote? They are illegal because that is the way they chose to be here. It should not be rewarded with voting rights, free education, free housing , & free food. It is not about you, dem leaders, it is about us, it is about our country, it is about having a bright & safe future for our families. To you it is about getting into power & controlling every aspect of our lives. There is a name for that & it doesn’t resemble freedom. We reject it.

  • Ej

    Meanwhile there is a lawsuit filed in the eastern district of Michigan against a Ukrainian(Russian) who was working on the Michigan AG campaign who has been accused of voter fraud. Did the governor as well as the Secretary of State have anyone like this on their campaign ? How many others in the midterms had this same help ?

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