State lawmaker wants to fix your gas cans

LANSING, Mich. — State lawmakers are considering making a big change to the regulations on gas cans that could undo some changes made more than a decade ago.

State Rep. Steve Johnson, R-Wayland, is the sponsor of a bill that would exempt gas cans made, sold, and used in Michigan from regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. Years ago, the EPA ordered all gas cans sold in the United States must follow rules on design to prevent accidental overflows.

To get around the regulation, Johnson’s bill specifically allows cans that are built and stay in the state to not be subject to interstate commerce laws. That, he says, would remove them from federal oversight.

“The gas can is a prime example of government regulations ruining a perfectly fine product made in the private sector. Government should not be making the lives of its citizens more difficult or more complicated than absolutely necessary,” says Johnson.

Steve Johnson represents the 72nd District in the Michigan House of Representatives. The bill is under review by the House Commerce and Tourism Committee.

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  • Concerned4Humanity

    The reason why certain things are regulated is b/c most people are idiots. Who is ever going to say “I can’t take this gas can on vacation, it stays in the state only!” Get real…Find something to actually work on…

    • Scott

      That was my thought, Concerned4Humanity. Figure out our crumbling road issue. Figure out our high automobile issue. Figure out our homeless issue. Don’t try to impress us with their inability to operate a frikin’ gas can. Hell, he probably has touched one to fill a lawn mower. He most likely has a service doing his lawn.

    • James Engbers Jr.

      I bought two of these mandated gas cans and spilled more gas in 45 secs. than I’d spilled in 45 years using the old style.
      They are not user friendly or intuitive. I gave them away with the gas still in them.

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