11-year-old girl pleads for her dad to be released after ICE raid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As immigration authorities raided seven Mississippi food processing plants and arrested hundreds of undocumented workers on Wednesday, many children found themselves without their parents.

In one heartbreaking video captured by CNN affiliate WJTV, an 11-year-old girl sobs and begs for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to let her parents go.

“Government, please put your heart — let my parents be free with everybody else, please,” she pleads.

Christina Peralta, who said her daughter goes to school with the girl in the video, told CNN that after the girl finished school on Wednesday, some of her father’s friends brought her to a community gym that had been housing children whose parents were detained.

“I need my dad … mommy,” the girl cries as she speaks with the station outside the gym. “My dad didn’t do nothing. He’s not a criminal.”

Peralta said that she knows the girl’s father through her work as a Spanish translator for the Latino community in Forest, Mississippi.

“He worked down here in Morton, Mississippi, at the chicken plant,” Peralta said. “He’s a good person. He’s been here a long time. He has no record at all.”

About 300 migrants have been released since the arrests on Wednesday, but at least 377 more are still in ICE custody, according to Jere Miles, special agent in charge for the Department of Homeland Security.

Peralta said she doesn’t know whether the girl has been reunited with either of her parents yet.

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  • followthelaw

    well, he is, in fact a criminal. if he has been here a long time, he could have followed the law and filed to obtain citizenship. instead, he chose to live an unlawful life, and now had been arrested for it.

  • Rj

    They did not keep both parents if they had children at home and daddy does have a criminal record because he came here illegally. Cut off all forms of welfare and arrest company owners and they will flock back to their countries. Our country is being saddled with 250 + billion a year on people who are not citizens and if they can’t do it the legal way they should be returned, every community in this country is suffering from infectious diseases exploding because these countries they come from don’t inoculate their kids and the CDC has data on this explosion, feel sorry for this girl but it’s her parents fault not ours.

  • lml25

    The answer is–NO!.
    Who wrote the story–CNN or Brenzig?Using terms like “heartbreaking” is an opinion or propaganda.News reporters should be more professional in their writing–stick to the facts.

  • steve

    Speaking for myself, and a lot of others I’m sure, I’m damn sick and tired of getting clubbed over the head with the racist label by any news source, including FOX17, every day, 24/7. Whether by accident or design, the mainstream media is fanning the flames of racism and widening the gap between whites and any minority every single day.

  • Common cents

    It is sad that her parents chose to do this to her. They are horrible people who didn’t think of tbeir criminal acts and how it would affect their family.

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