Women fighting on pier pepper-sprayed, pier closed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A surveillance image of a fight on July 4, 2019 at the pier in Grand Haven, Mich.

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — The south pier was closed for a short time after a fight broke out.

Twenty woman were involved and refused to listen to Beach Patrol Officer’s orders to end the fight.

A crowd of nearly 200 young adults had formed blocking the middle of the pier when the fight broke out. When the women involved ignored the officers attempts to end the fight pepper spray was used to break them up.

Jeff Hawke said they closed the pier because “the danger to the public and the responding officers posed by the possibility of the hostile crowd reforming.”

One woman jumped into the channel trying to get away, but was helped out of the water by the officer when it became obvious she was not a strong swimmer.

Others involved in the fight ran away, yelling profanities at the officer. Conservation Officers from the Grand haven State Park helped the officer until more Grand Haven Police could clear and close the pier.

The State Park employees told FOX 17 the pier re-opened about an hour later, after officials were sure the crowd had dispersed.


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  • C

    If nobody was arrested, you can bet they’ll be back next year. Why in hell does society continue to wet nurse and tolerate the actions of people like this? Not just in this case, but everywhere. How about taking one or two prisons that have been closed and reopen them for people like these, and keep them there for more than a weekend. They might get their mind right.

    • Rj

      Our judicial system use to do that with certain people, you go into the military or prison and they straightened out. There should be prison for youth like this while taking away every modern convenience, let them out for school or work and then right back they go, drinking drugs and the garbage they listen to and watch plus the lack of strict rules is why this country is so messed up.

  • Morgan

    I appreciate the information. However, I am disappointed in the quality of writing. As a student journalist, it’s embarrassing to read such important material presented in a lazy way. I know the importance of journalism and it’s articles like these that give journalism a bad rap. Next time, take two seconds to proofread or open an AP style book. Even a high school student like me could do better. I know because I have.

    • Benita pekel

      Glad you know the correct way to write. Doesn’t matter if everyone does. They are just giving their opinion.

      • Tagia

        The writer of the Fox17 story was not giving their opinion. Morgan is referring to the writer not the commenters. And I wholy agree with her.

      • Tagia

        The way Morgan wrote it is correct. A comma used after the word ‘journalism’ would have made her sentence more clear, however. You should double and triple check before you laugh at somewon [sic].

    • Tagia

      Morgan, so true! Some people just never learned, some make an innocent mistake here and there, and some don’t have editors to oversee their work so therefore should not write for media until they do. How we write and speak does either add to or detract from our reputation. I, too, wish more people cared. Thank you for being a young person with what I call ‘expression integrity’. You get it! As for the pier fighters…that’s another root problem entirely!

    • Vino

      Cool! another flaming liberal telling us what to do and being critical for no good reason other than to let us know you are better than us. You should make a great journalist.

  • Sherri Charlebois

    So sad to see what this younger generation has become, no respect, and no skills to reside with other people without violence being the resolve. This is what happens when GOD is removed from our society, and his values and instruction are not taught to our children. It ALL STARTS with the parents and the way children are being raised today in this society with NO MORAL COMPASS. Sadly, its only going to get WORSE Read revelation, its all unfolding and prophecy is being fulfilled. I just pray for protection over parents and this young generation, and hope to see some kind of movement for the good in their ability to cope with life. Finally, there should have been CONSEQUENCES for their actions, and if there isn’t they’ll be back next year, I NEVER SAW this kind of behavior in Grand Haven when I was growing up, it was always a quaint community with respectful people. How SAD

  • Ryan Krygier

    The news media blows this stuff so much, and gives the beach towns / places like Grand Haven a bad name doing these kinds of stories. The two hundred plus people were just “beach goer’s do not nothing wrong. I was just women mentioned causing the problem, and the story there getting and slap on the hand is just making the problem worse. If these people were just “locked up” when this type of stuff happens, the message would get out quick. Places like Grand Haven only have these problems when these people come on holidays (like July 4th) and or Coast Guard.

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