Pastor’s wife accused of stealing $64K from Consumers

MUSKEGON, Mich. — A woman is accused of stealing $64,000 from Consumers Energy for electricity at three Muskegon County properties.

Pamela Duncan, 63, is accused of running up electric bills and changing the name on the account when a shutoff notice was delivered. She is facing felony charges in three separate cases of theft through false pretenses involving three buildings over a ten-year span.

"What's particularly disturbing about this case is that she actually, at least on three occasions, used the identities of some of the mentally impaired, cognitively impaired people that she was caring for," Muskegon County Assistant Prosecutor Tim Maat said.

The cases involve a foster care home, a church, and a lakefront home.

Duncan is facing up to five years in prison on each charge.

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    good! F#$K consumers energy!!!! They take advantage of people. There needs to be competition. We need more energy companies in west MI. Capitalism would bring down the price, right now they have the market cornered, almost like a government agency.

  • Brandy Moore

    These were some of the most caring people in muskegon. They have helped hundreds of people. ai bind the devil in the name of jesus!

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