Mother of 5 with concealed carry license shoots ex-boyfriend trying to break into her home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CINCINNATI — A woman shot her ex-boyfriend as he was trying to break into her home, WCPO reported.

The shooting happened at about 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

Dante Ruff was breaking into the woman’s home through a front window when she shot him in the stomach. He is expected to survive after undergoing surgery at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The woman’s five children were asleep upstairs at the time of the shooting, WCPO reported.

The woman had a protection order against Ruff, and she has a concealed carry license.

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  • Kevin O'Connell

    Too bad some people on the left dont want Americans to be able to protect themselves. “Call the police and wait 10 minutes. Hopefully you arent dead when they arrive” MAGA 2020

    • Michael

      Stupid comment. A person shoots to stop the threat. They do not shoot to kill. If he was no longer a threat she would have an obligation to stop pulling the trigger. Even in her own home.

        • Michael

          It’s a discussion forum. Illegal advice should be corrected when noticed.

          For many people killing someone would be much more traumatic than wounding them. The female did what was necessary to protect herself and her children. She should be commended not criticized.

      • Matt

        Your comment was even stupider. If person is threatening me or my family im going to shoot to kill. I dont know what drug, amount of alchohol in your system or the mental state said person is in. Im shooting to kill and so are the majority of CPL holders are. Multiplied by the fact the person is entering my home, their going to die.

        • Michael

          You shoot to stop the threat. Any basic CPL course teaches you that. If you don’t remember that you should retake the course. Death is an acceptable side effect but the legal standard is to stop the threat not to kill the person.

          If the person goes down and stops moving you do not continue to empty the magazine into the person.

          Saying she should have emptied the magazine into the person after she was no longer in danger is stupid advice.

          • Sick of the crap

            Guns are used to kill. Period. And when you kill there is only one story…yours. Maybe cops need to use restraint, and try to guess if just one shot will do, but I won’t. If you are a threat, you die. Empty the mag and have a spare with you. Besides, if you are useless to society, you deserve it.


    Rule number one when confronting an intruder…

    Make sure there is only one side of the story to tell when the police show up!

  • jerry

    michale yout a moron if the person is comming into your home you unload in him then reload and do it more ill bet you voted for hillery your as dumb as other dumbcrats

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