Ionia County homeowners ‘blindsided’ by tree removal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ORLEANS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — An Ionia County family is considering legal action after they say the road commission cut down trees in their yard without notice.

Dia and Brett Graham said several 7-foot pine trees sat in their yard for seven years until they saw them being chopped down Tuesday morning.

“I was yelling, screaming, asking him to stop,” Dia Graham said.

The Ionia County Road Commission said the trees were taken down because of right-of-way regulations that require it to maintain 33 feet of space on either side of the road. That responsibility includes clearing brush and cutting trees.

The Grahams said Tuesday was the first time they’ve heard of the trees’ placement as a problem. They also said there are still bigger trees closer to the road that are still standing.

"We did not know that until yesterday. But like I said, if they would've (given) us notice we would've transplanted them,” Dia Graham said. “It would've probably been at least 20 years before they would've ever became a problem."

She said she hopes other people aren’t put in their situation in the future.

"Hopefully before they do this to somebody else they give notice. Give them a chance to move their trees before they just take them out, I mean that's at least a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of trees," Brett Graham said.

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  • mike

    What’s worse..this happening or some idiot peddling the black walnut disease that was eradicated in 2019 but the company is still telling people with huge black walnut trees that they have diseased trees and will be forced to pay the state to remove them. Or this company can do it for a fraction of the out for these crooks who work/live across the street from Hanulcik fruit market on North 66 in Ionia.

  • Amanda Hall

    I had the same thing happen to the trees on our property. I went to check on the camper and found out that they had took it upon themselves to cut down trees. I don’t know of it was the road commission or homeworks (homeworks was doing internet installation in my area at the time). Some of the treea that got cut down we would have liked to have transplanted as well they were worth good money.

  • Robert nelson

    They have a right of way if they planted out of it then we wouldn’t be hearing about it. Do your homework people. If I had a easement to do things I wouldn’t advertise what I was doing either. Geezer I’m sick of whiners

    • Tom

      The government, Consumers Power, etc, only use the right of way when it is convenient to them. Go down any of these county roads and trees are growing and touching the actual road, yet they have been left that way for multiple decades.

      Farmers plant fields right up to the road edge, nothing happens.

      Roads don’t have correct ditches or shoulders costing us all more due to water damage to the road…

      Again right of way is only used as an excuse when it benefits them.

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