Potterville police chief charged with helping wife file false report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Kellie and Shane Bartlett(Eaton County Jail/Potterville Police Department Facebook Page)

POTTERVILLE, Mich. — The man in charge of serving and protecting his neighbors is facing criminal charges.

Potterville Police Chief Shane Bartlett was arraigned Wednesday morning on three counts connected to an ongoing legal case against his wife, Kellie.

She’s accused of making a false complaint against an Eaton County deputy for sexual assault. Now her husband is charged with helping her make that false statement, lying to investigators and committing crimes while in public office.

The case is being handled by the Barry County Prosecutor’s Office, since Bartlett had a working relationship with the Eaton County Prosecutor. According to investigators, suspicion about Bartlett’s statement have been in place for months, but phone and computer records took months to sort through.

Potterville’s city manager put the chief on paid administrative leave when the charges against him were authorized. A review is currently underway at city hall. Until the situation is resolved, the city plans to have the sheriff’s office help keep the community safe.

Bartlett is out on bond, pending his next court date. Kellie Bartlett was charged back in September 2018 and is currently waiting on a trial date.

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  • Unslaved

    Nobody is in charge of protecting you but you. You’re far more likely to be fined or cited by a cop than protected.

  • J

    Tell me again why he is on paid leave? That’s the only job I know of where you can commit crime’s pleural that is and still collect a check that we the tax payers pay. Is it because he and his lovely wife are such great people? Stop paying him now make and if found to be guilty which I’m sure he is if way beyond a doubt or he would still be in charge and make him pay back every cent of those checks and then some. That is of course after he gets out of jail oh what he’s a cop those laws don’t apply time served it is!

    • Jane Grey

      It’s called “Innocent until proven guilty.” Just because he’s been charged with something, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty. That’s why we have something called a “justice system” and “Constitutional rights.” We actually hold trials, where people educated in our laws get together, provide evidence to a judge & jury, and decide if the evidence proves that a crime has been committed by the accused. Until the trial is over, the person is legally innocent. People who are into unfairly judging people based on media reports often fail to understand this, it seems.

    • Scott Free

      What Jane Grey said, plus…there are actually more situations where this happens than you might think. If the accused is in a role or situation where leaving them there could cause a risk of harm to others if they were to stay in their role, an abundance of caution dictates that we remove them, but they are innocent until proven guilty.
      A teach accused of misconduct with a child should not be around children until guilt or innocence is proven. How terrible would it be if other children were harmed? But we can’t as a society bankrupt a person who then turns out to be innocent, or guilty of some much lesser charge.

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