Woman rescues newborn kitten after teens allegedly threw it in trash can

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma woman rescued a kitten thrown in the trash and left for dead after she heard the small feline screaming.

Now, that woman is hoping the teens who were allegedly seen throwing it out learn a lesson.

Michelle McFarland says she's furious after finding the newborn kitten at the bottom of a trash can.

"William just happened to walk outside and notice these two teenagers walking up the street and then all of a sudden, they threw something in a trash can," said McFarland.

Out of curiosity, the man went to investigate before running to get McFarland.

"I grabbed a T-shirt and we went over there," said McFarland. "I looked down and this poor little thing was just sprawled out at the bottom of the trash can."

Shocked and angry, McFarland dumped over the trash can and came to its rescue.

"The thing had already got hurt," said McFarland. "It had a scratch on its leg."

She says it wouldn't stop crying.

"This poor little thing was just shivering and it was cold and crying," said McFarland. "But, when I wrapped it up and made it really tight, it calmed down."

There's a lot of feral cats in the area, but McFarland believes this one wasn't even a day old.

"How could these young people like that be so insensitive and think it's funny [to] throw a poor little animal ... obviously this animal is helpless," said McFarland.

She says she has a message for the teens responsible.

"You just don't do that to animals," said McFarland. "They're here for us to love, not to hurt. What they did was not funny and to laugh something away like that is insensitive and inhumane."

The kitten was put into a foster home by the Mustang Animal Shelter.

They say he is doing well and in good hands.

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1 Comment

  • Matt McCartney

    “Newborn”? “Newborn? Seriously? You make it sound like an actual newborn (human) was thrown in a trash can. But of course, THAT never happens.

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