Governor Whitmer responds to claims proposed gas tax is too high

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


PORTLAND, Mich. - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with constituents Saturday at a town hall at Portland High School, breaking down her proposed 2020 state budget plan.

Governor Whitmer says her most controversial proposal to raise the gas tax 45 cents per gallon will ultimately save drivers future expenses on car repairs, however people on both sides of the aisle say the plan is too harsh on the average Michigander’s wallet.

“I understand that, I know that gas tax increase will create a hardship for a number of people in our state,” Gov. Whitmer said. “The fact of the matter is after 40 years of disinvestment and failure, we’re all paying for bad roads. We’re just paying in the form of more collision insurance costs, we’re paying in the form of more tires or windshields, we’re paying in the form of $646 a year to fix your car which is the worst kind of road tax you can pay.”

Whitmer first announced this plan at the beginning of March. The proposed tax would steadily increase 15 cents per gallon starting this fall, going up another 15 cents 6 months later, and 15 cents more 6 months after that.

Roughly 78 percent of roads and infrastructure are in good to fair condition according to the Gov. Whitmer. Her goal is to have that up to 90 percent by 2030. Other key issues in the governor’s proposal include good paying trade jobs, clean drinking water, and investing more in public education.

“For the last 40 years we’ve stopped investing in the fundamentals that provide a good life in Michigan and now we find our selves at a crossroads,” the governor said. “The state budget is not just a bunch of numbers on a balance sheet, it is a statement of our values, telling you what we care about, what we want to do and what we think is important in this state.”

You can learn more about the proposed budget at

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  • Jason

    How about you use the money from the last gas tax or the tire tax or the outrageous insurance taxes or the registration tax or the marijuana taxes all which was already supposed to fix our roads. Get rid of this dumb b**** before it’s too late. All our tax money ever does is line their pockets and does nothing for the people screw her and her outrageous tax.

  • Jake

    Well she lied to everyone before she was elected and said that she was not going to raise the gas tax. another this is that only 40% of that money will be going to roads and most likely the rest in her pocket. She does not care that is will hurt people because she is a part of the protected class and makes millions of dollars a year.

    • Peggy

      In Nevada ALL, 100%, of gas and vehicle fees goes to the roads and that is why their roads are great. This governor needs to go meet with Nevada officials and figure this out and NOT overburden her residents! Silly woman.

  • jake

    Also how much money did we make in the first few months after legalizing recreational marijuana? Why does that not go to the roads answer me that.

  • DiAnna Briggance

    My husband commutes 3 hrs a day sometimes 7 days a week to a small business. The fact that she wants to raise the gas tax AND the small business tax will cripple us. Do your job correctly and use what funds should have been directed to the roads!! Why punish us we are the backbone of Michigan NOT your big interest liberals !!!!

  • steve king

    what ever happened to all the lottery money force the prisoners out on the streets to earn there living all u people in the state house need about a 30% decrease in wages that would do more then cover the increase of gas tax

  • J.B.

    Getting rather tired of Country Peter paying for Ghetto Paul in this state.
    Road taxes? Trying using the 10 or so already that were supposed to fix this problem.
    M-Dot has already proven it can waste any amount of money that you give them,
    The answer is not always “give them more”…

    • J.B.

      REALLY love the insinuation that the reason that we have this problem,
      Is because Michigan residents are just to “cheap” to pay for better roads…
      Lmao…Sure picked a winner this time folks.

      • Caren

        Oh, SNAP!! Spot on with this! Well said.
        Fools should have known better than to vote her in…but with needing more women to break that glass ceiling (face palming)…it’s no longer about who’s BEST for Michigan; and MORE about voting on BS ideals.

  • John Meixner

    Change the way the money you have is used for roads. You already have all the money you need. DON’T you dare raise gas taxes one penny. Looks like recall time is near.

  • Great Lake Lifer

    In its simplest form what this is called is addition by subtraction. You pay an average of $350 in gas tax to save you $646 in auto repairs.
    If she knows what car repairs are then I have this question, since $646 is greater than $350 it would be better to let the roads rot because your collecting more tax revenue for car repair shops and creating auto repair jobs along with tire and parts and paint and window manufacturing jobs. Lastly since you know exactly the cost of repairs and the percentages of bad roads, you say “hundreds of people will face hardship” what is that exact number and why would you want to create hardship, knowingly…

  • Tom

    Why not fix our insurance rates first . Instead tax is first and leave the insurance rates high wow. I think these people set the budget to what they can afford not what the average person can afford! Should be very ashamed to even ask for that much!

    • We the people

      Its amazing to me that she says i pay over $600 in car repairs every year cuz of the roads. Hmmmm? I don’t ever remember fixing any of my cars cuz of the roads and I drive probably about 40000 miles a year

      • Speakingmymind

        Please correct me if I’m wrong as politics are my biggest pet peeve so I try to avoid all of the lies and bs. This has tax however, has urked me beyond belief! First, MI auto insurance is the highest in the US…why??? Secondly, isn’t the outrageous auto insurance as well as the previous gas tax increase supposed to go towards fixing “the damn roads”??? As I stated, I hate politics, but I have paid more attention since Trump became President. Forget about Democrats vs Republicans… He is an ass who displays himself as nothing less than a hypocritical, judgmental, self proclaimed, self righteous f$&ker. I have family that made millions of dollars after growing up on a farm. They own private jets, yachts, and multiple homes. They have NEVER passed judgment towards anyone. They have NEVER been racist! They have NEVER been “stuck up”! They would NEVER speak as Trump does… like an unintelligent POS. Back to Whitmer… She needs to give an explanation as to why our “damn roads” haven’t been addressed with the funds us Michiganders have already dished out.

  • Steve morris

    Our roads suck but every year you watch road commission removing trees to add new ones. Mismanagement of the fund’s is the real problem.

  • Annie

    Yes! Next time a pothole takes out my 600 dollar buick enclave oem rim the state will reimburse me because I paid the tax.. no? oh wait, wasnt the original gas taxes, the astronomical registration fees and the cost increase on the licences suppose to have the same effect? think we should make better quality roads and that would mean less potholes..

  • B

    So she knows and said it will be a “hardship for a number of people in our state” yet she still wants to implement it.. What the F is wrong with her?!? Not all of us Michiganders have an annual income in the triple digits! Not all of us would be able to afford $4-5/gal for gas. Take the massive amounts money the state is going to gain from the weed industry and put that towards the roads.

  • steve

    I’d like to know where she ever got the figure of $646 per year for every single in costs for repairs because of the damn roads. Not accidents. Not rust. Not routine costs. Almost $53.00 per month? No way.

  • Bud

    When will Americans learn democrats have never found a tax that they did not love – or want to increase.
    We still are paying the “Universal Service Charge” on every phone – a tax that was originally intended to bring the internet to rural areas – but if you ask the federal government which rural areas still need help, they have no clue.

    I’d like Governor Whitmer to prove all the gas and registration taxes are going strictly to the transportation budget. Instead the money just goes into the general fund. Democrats want more money to spend, thus their need to increase taxes. Then they tell us they want to change the rules so they can use the money to fix roads in more urban areas (democrat speak for Detroit).
    Why anyone would vote for a democrat is incomprehensible.

  • Iamct01

    I feel like the gas tax is paying for tax breaks we gave to developers for prime property while people pay over asking for homes around GR.

  • Gail

    She needs to work on the insurance costs, medical insurance and property taxes. This woman is a nut case. My Husband and I are retired and lving on a fixed income. Time to get out of here before there is nothing left here for people..

    • Ditto Debbie

      Right with you Gail! We’re a fixed income. Between the property tax, the vehicle registration fee, the insurance rates (which ALL will go up substantially) and now more new gas taxes… there’s NO WAY we can stay! We’re outta here!

  • Michele Kubiac

    You have plenty of money for this. Get rid of the waste & see what happens. We already have the highest car insurance. You’re sure not making it so people want to stay here.

  • DaMailman

    Half of the new revenue will go to consultants, who are politically connected, so they can regurgitate previous studies on which roads to fix/upgrade.

  • Fed up Michigander

    Learn how to budget the money you already have from taxes and increases that are already in place, instead of over taxing the people just to have more money for yourself and your cronies!

  • twintrouble

    I have lived in Michigan over 30+ years and I’ve never spent any money on car repairs that were caused from our roads.

  • John

    She’s a joke with her lies running on the platform of no new taxes for fixing the roads. Michigan really messed up voting her in!

    • Bob

      Fantastic idea! Nestle gets to pump all the water they want for under $500/yr for the permit. Then turn around and sell it for about $1.50/bottle…wtf Gretchen!

  • Chuck

    Did you know that the $2.5 billion in road revenue that would be raised by increasing the gas tax $.45 a gallon as requested by Governor Whitmer would not be “layered” or “combined” with the original $1.2 billion increase passed in 2015? That plan called for vehicle registration fee increases and an increase in the gas tax, and would also draw from the general fund and will not be fully implemented until 2021. If you dig deep into Governor Whitmer’s proposal, she plans to divert the general fund portion of that last road increase plan, about $500 million this year, into higher education. That lets the governor backfill higher education funding and keep those dollars with the School Aid Fund that goes toward K-12 and community colleges. Talk about smoke and mirrors. How about spending road funding on roads, and not playing a shell game with our money?

    • On It


      People should have known we would get Granholm the second on steroids. Whitmer is another Obama clone, tell you one thing with a smug grin then do whatever they want…which will NOT be what you want. Either people never learn or they can’t wait to be full socialist.

  • Bob

    Great job Gretch! She knows what’s best for us and our money…just ask her, she’ll tell you all about it. Another dumbass donkey…WAKE UP PEOPLE! Stop voting for SOCIALISTS!!

  • Bighorse

    This tax, if our s tate legislature is foolish enough to pass it, will simply guarantee that nobody living within 25 miles of the border will buy gas in Michigan. They will all go to Indiana, Ohio, or Wisconsin. It will also raise the price of every single item that travels by truck, car, or train to get to your door. Tourism will be decimated. Any recreational activities like boating and snowmobiling will be hit.

    Then,one needs to ask: how will electric car drivers pay their fair share? Or is this another subsidy for people rich enough to afford those vehicles? Will bikers and hikers pay for their own paths.

    Our last Democrat governor pushed us into a one-state recession well before the rest of the country joined us. I certainly hope this one doesn’t do the same.

  • Kevin Sandvig

    LOL!!!!! She doesn’t give a ‘sheet’ if this HUGE gasoline tax increase has a big financial impact of MANY of her constituents!!!!

    • DJ

      That’s because she does not have to buy her own gas! At least we have one politician that is doing what they PROMISED to do. So sick of people saying what people want to hear instead of doing what NEEDS to be done!

  • Karen Klomparens

    “We’re just paying in the form of more collision insurance costs” = Political Speak. Like our collision insurance will go down in the highest OVER taxed state in the country!

  • RuralRte#4

    Apparently busting the residence to bring in a “vision” is her agenda. I want to pay my fair share… nothing FAIR when you add up the bottom line, out of taxpayers pocket. No taxation without representation is back in full swing. Time for an audit of all monies collected and it’s distribution.

  • Drew

    Thanks, Whitless. You’re KNOWINGLY going to make my life more difficult, while KNOWING that only 40% of the money raised is going back to the roads, and KNOWINGLY lied during a debate that you were going to raise the gas tax. You really are a piece of work, aren’t you. I can’t wait until you’re gone, and we can get someone who understands what it means to “tighten the belt”, and make money go farther. Meanwhile, you’re screwing all of Michigan over, and giving tourists a reason NOT to visit, since they’ll be paying more at the pump for both their own POVs, and for rentals that have to be filled back up before they can be returned. Thanks for ruining our state, Gerty.

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