Humane Society video shows dogs tested on in Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Humane Society of the United States released video Tuesday of dogs at a Michigan facility being force-fed chemicals in experiments for chemical companies.

36 beagles were being tested for Dow AgroSciences, Paredox Therapeutics, and Above and Beyond NB LLC, at the Charles River Laboratories in Mattawan, Michigan.  The company is headquartered in Massachusetts  and has facilities around the world.

The Humane Society investigation took place between April and August of 2018. The group says they shared their findings with Dow and has been negotiating with the company to have the 36 dogs released to them. Dogs that survive until the end date of the experiment in July are to be killed.

Dow AgroSciences released a statement Tuesday saying they try to keep their animal testing at a minimum, but it is required for some regulatory authorities.

The Humane Society says that the dogs are provided to the lab by commercial breeders like Marshall BioResources of New York.

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  • Adgfasdfgasdfgh

    I get the testing, as messed up as it is; but why kill the animals at the end? Some inevitable health defects they will end up with? That seems cruel. And why dogs…..

    • teecol

      Without animal testing pesticides, drugs, make-up, wouldn’t be available. These dogs are breed specifically for testing. They aren’t captured or taken from the humane society. The animals organs need to be studied at the end of the study to look for toxic effects. Dogs, Pigs, Primates, Mice, etc are all used in research.

      • Kevin Thomas

        Yeah test on mice not beagles, they chose beagles because their docile.
        So if babies are born specifically to be tested on and killed that makes it alright?You would agree to that?
        You sound like a typical know it all know nothing….

  • Millie

    This is the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life it must be stopped I don’t care if they don’t have drugs or make up it’s not that important to abuse beagles and I wish a terribly bad KARMA on everyone involved. It’s all about MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myself

    I hope someone slices your stomach open and pours chemicals into yours. These are innocent dogs!!! How can you all just participate in this and stand there and watch! In time you will find that God has a very nice place for all of you monsters and where you are all going there is no forgiveness!!!!! These poor innocent emotional dogs with feelings of pain and feeling of torture look at their eyes!!!!!!! Sticking their paws out for you to help them -You sick twisted monters. Life and God won’t let you get away with this especially for a pay check!!!!!! The fact these people can do this to these poor animals without any hesitation or feeling is sick and disgraceful!!!!!! This is yet just another definition of animal abuse that gets “covered up”’!!!

  • DP

    There is no excuse for this bs. Do not buy any products tested on animals. Testing on poor defenseless animals that cant speak for themselves. Sick, soulless bastards that do it. Rot in hell!!!

  • Vickie Kasa

    This is a cruel punishment for a living creature. The pain and suffering they endure. There has to be another way. Pure torture!!

    • Mr Tester

      Pay for what. Saving your life or getting you the right medication when your sick. Yeah your not crying then when you spending 10 dollars buying that pill the cake from that poor dog ha…. you have no problem buying that right…. so sad…

  • Mr Tester

    Wow see you guys don’t understand when we test on the animals it’s for a good cause…. You guys don’t cry about it wh n you go to the store and buy the meds to cure your self when you sick or cause a disease right!!!! But yet you want to call us monsters. When your mom got cancer or problems in the brain or ms…. yeah who do you go crying to to save you mom or dad that’s slowly dying…..US …. the same people you talking about going to hell and pouring chemicals in our open wounds lol you guys only look at what you see not what we do or the fact that you are crying to the doctors to save you mom or dad begging for our medication that come from this dogs rats mice etc… what do you have to say now. What about your first born baby oh my…. What if the baby has a hart problem and it need medication that came from that same begal that died in that video…. would you take that medication from that begal to save your baby’s life or would you let that baby die cause you feel so bad that that begal saved hundreds and thousands of lives… You know damn well you would take that medication. So stop being hipedcrits and look at that whole picture. Cause your life could be the next one we save. Oh and by the way it not just democrat it’s republicans to cause I’m on. I pray that none of y’all are at deaths door cause you gona feel stupid when you are begging for our help…

    • yvonne elliott

      suggestion. Free testing on those who choose for free meds. Personally i feel that would be humane and worth the cost. I also oppose testing on unborn human fetuses or using them for stem cell research. Someone has to speak for those who cannot

  • yvonne elliott

    so required to do this evil? why dont the chemical manufacturers or legalizers test it on their own food and also quit polluting our environment

  • Nicole Kapucinski

    You are sick people!! How can you sleep at night?! I can not erase these images out of my mind. Please STOP this!! You are hurting and destroying man’s best friend. You are the PROBLEM!! Animals love humans how can you do this to them!! Eventually Karma will find it’s way back!! God bless all of the sweet animals and rainbow heavan awaits them for a free and cruel life!! 🐾

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