Food stamp changes now in effect across Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Changes to Michigan's food stamp program begin Monday, October 1  meaning some people will have to start working or doing community service in order to receive benefits.

Officials say people between the ages of 18 - 49, with no dependents, who are able to work, must work now to receive benefits.

Those impacted will either need to work, volunteer, or attend job training for an average of 20 hours a week each month, in order to still get their benefits.

The new requirements will take effect when the person has their next eligibility re-determination, with a grace period of three months to meet the new work requirements.

State officials said they want to make sure people are getting the skills they need to be able to grow out of the system and compete in the workforce.

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  • ArmandHammer

    You mean I no longer will see people loading 2 cartloads of groceries into the Escalade while talking on their iPhone 7?

  • steve

    I believe Channel 8 News showed a map of the counties where the “some people” who need to work live, and Kent County was not on the map. Does that mean that the “some people” in Kent County are already working?

  • Beth scowley

    I’ve hire 5 people so far on food stamps. And they end up quitting or late tired and not doing their work.and I think once they are hired the caseworker should talk to their employer to see how they are doing ..cuz some people will lie for their friends. And when they quit ,I think the caseworker should know why they quit or got fired..I just can’t keep them.and they need random drug screening

      • Disgusting

        I agree, my mother gets food stamps and she worked her whole life. SS does not take care of seniors the way they should. and I know lots of people who receive FS. and work, and try to keep a roof over there head. Not everyone can get a top paying job. So to the guy that says that people on food stamps are wasting his money. How would you like them to spend your money? My mom has a government issued phone, and an apt that’s so small its ridiculous. She has no car, no pride left and cries all the time. Shame on u.

        • Erin

          I’m so sorry you mother is going through that because of our government, but thank you for sharing her story!

          Some people may abuse govt assistance but (I believe) there are many more honest folk that may have lost their job to do downsizing or illness, or DO work but it’s just still not enough to support themselves or their family. Not every place has the same kind of jobs either.

          The DHS is supposed to review eliibltiy; if someone is abusing the system then that’s on them. Also there is a hotline you can report welfare fraud too if you do research. But people need to stop accusiong everyone on assistnace as being lazy and/or scamming!

          Oh and those expensive IPhones? It could be a hand me down, a gift, or something the person actually HAD before they needed assistance! They probably are getting help with the phone plan too. Stop judging without good cause.

  • Sharky

    It’s easy to see this is a government program. Some people will still be able to milk the system for over a year before they have to comply

  • Ron 8200

    With the employment situation in W. Michigan no able bodied person between 18-49 is not able to get a job. Factories, Retail Fast Food, Gyms, Construction, are all hiring. Our unemployment offices should be job banks.

  • markvws

    Republicans are correct. If we keep on feeding, clothing and giving health care to the poor they will never die off. We could easily give the rich another tax break if it weren’t for these people.

  • Just one of those people who have been there before

    Wow this is so pathetic of all you guys . Seriously I have worked my ass off for what I have and then I have been laid off or I have gotten fired because I had a doctor’s excuse to take me off work for a month for medical reasons and guess what my job fired me even with a doctors note!!!!! I had no choice but to go apply for food stamps so I could feed my children. Sometimes there isn’t a choice but to did I want to go ask for help hell no. But all of u bashing on people for being on it have no clue about what some people go through. No I dont drive a brand new car or SUV yes I am a white girl with 3 children. I own my eyes but i worked my ass off for everything i own. I have e never abused the system. But yes I do see some of ur points of view some do abuse the system big time. And yes I think they should be drugged tested and also someone needs to go out and be a private investigator on some of these people who get over 13 hundred dollars in food stamps. That I have never gotten I have gotten 500 or less but nothing that damn high. But I do work my ass off why because I dont want no one taking care of me or my family. I hate asking for help but I sure the hell am not going to go out and steal food from the store to feed my children. Hell I have even had to go to food pantries just for my kids but guess what they dont always have meat to make a meal with either. So for some of u u should really think about what u are saying before u complain. Just wait till ur broke as a joke and see what u dont do to feed your children. I thought the same damn thing when I always had my jobs I’d never get food stamps but u have to do what u got to do when u are jobless and out there looking for a job. So please take that into consideration that not all of us out there abuse the damn system.

    • Disgusting

      That’s right. I even see FS abuse from a lot of young girls having 5 and 6 kids getting 1000$ a month in stamps and selling half of them and feeding their lazy boyfriends and the kids go without.

  • Julie Adams

    Glad to see them following what Gov. Le Page did here in Maine. It worked great and weeded out all the people who were able to get a full time job but were sucking on the tit of our taxpayers. The food stamp rolls dropped dramatically while still helping the truly needy. As our motto goes, “Maine, the way life should be.” At least it’s true in this instance.

  • Erin

    As someone on assistance I support this rule, as long as the DHS actually HELPS people comply.

    Per DHS guidlines I asked for transportation help with a new job and never heard from my worker so I could not (and did not have to) take the job.

    Also, in the past was told I would lost assitanace if I didn’t also work while going to school, but worker never “made a plan” with me like she said she would, so I lost it!

    I was helping my mother take care of her elderly parents since last year and I explained the situation but aksed my worker if I needed to do anything else, like work. She simply told me to just fill out the redermination form.

    So the rules are all confusing and seem to have changed multiple times, and the DHS dosn’t seem to care about helping you get off assistance. if this new rule forces them to provide assistance in getting a job then that’ll be GREAT. But I’m very hesitant that’s how it will play out. More likely it’s just gong to screw people over who can’t comply in time (like of jobs in their area, lack of transportation etc) especially if they haven’t heard the news yet to get a head start.

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