K-9 dies in hot police car after being trapped for 10 hours

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Georgia (CNN) — A police K-9 died Thursday evening after being left for hours inside his handler’s patrol car.

Zane, a 5-year-old bloodhound, was found dead at the handler’s residence in Rockdale County, Georgia, according to the Conyers Police Department spokeswoman Kim Lucas.

The bloodhound worked as a tracking dog with the department for four years, three with his handler, Cpl. Jerahmy Williams.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office responded to Williams’ home Thursday and is conducting an investigation with the county District Attorney’s Office.

K-9 Zane was with the Conyers Police Department for 4 years.

Williams came home from a 12-hour shift at work and went to sleep feeling ill, according to Lucas. When Williams was getting ready for work in the afternoon, he discovered Zane dead inside his SUV, which was parked in his driveway.

Williams then called his immediate supervisor to report the incident.

“We are committed to the care and proper treatment of our working K-9s. We are mourning the loss of our own,” Police Chief Gene Wilson said.

Wilson announced Friday during a press conference that the department will look into a device that is used in daycare vans in order to keep their K-9s safe.

“It’s like a kill switch for the vehicle,” Lucas said. “A person will have to physically go to the rear of the vehicle and see the dog before turning off the ignition.”

Wilson also mention in the conference that he believed Zane’s death was an accident.

Williams’ car did have a device known as a “Hot-N-Pop,” which is an alarm that would alert the officer of the car’s temperature and roll the windows down for the canine. But the device was not activated because the ignition was turned off.

Commenters on Conyers Police Department Facebook page were critical of the police department, demanding the officer be charged with animal cruelty.

Williams, who has been with the police department for five years, is now on administrative leave, and his pay is pending on the outcome of an internal investigation.

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  • Stephanie

    Once again a officer that needs to be charged in the death! This is its PARTNER!! You just dont forget that- helps to save lives and the officer- its a horrific pile of crap to say he just forgot

  • Carol

    I can’t believe he did that , left a dog in the hot car and knew that was his partner and didn’t make sure he was alright !!!!!

  • Emily

    This is disgusting. And you call yourself a police officer? There is ZERO excuse for leaving an animal in a vehicle, espically in GEORGIA! Over night. You’re nothing but a waste of space and a disgrace. I’m ashamed to call you an officer. Disgusting.

  • Joe

    I understand how this could be considered an accident, the Windows were supposed to roll down automatically if it got to hot in the car, what I don’t understand is how the key got turned off, did he turn the key off without thinking?

  • Kirby Johnson

    He should be charged with cruelty and never work with animals again, Maybe he should never drive his children any where either. I would love to look into his history has a officer. I bet he is less than a efficient patrol officer. Maybe a desk job is all the person can handle.

  • Patrick

    Anyone else ld labled a cop killer. This man is no different. I own dogs and never forget them in the car. Why I love my dogs. He didnt love his dog just a job to him. Throw his ss in jail like anyone else.

  • marie

    He should be charged, anyone else would. And its pretty convenient that he was feeling ill, even if he had that shouldn’t
    have stopped him from getting the dog out soon as he dragged his sorry ass out!

  • mike wright

    Like always he will be cleared of any wrong doing !!! Anyone else would be charged with killing a police officer … No excuses he should be changed !!!

  • Tonia

    So he killed a police officer? He should be in jail. But he won’t be charged. Because the police are above the law.

  • Brian Allen

    This is disgusting, if anyone else kills a police dog they are charged with killing an officer! The same should be ib this case. I used to work 16 hour shifts day after day. Man up take responsibility!

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