14-Point Buck Bagged by Caledonia Hunter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CALEDONIA, Mich. — A 26-year-old Caledonia man was out hunting with his father in southern Kent County last week when he spotted a buck many Michigan hunters only dream of seeing.

Cody Zwiers said a 14-point buck stumbled out of a corn field about 45 yards away from his tree stand.  He waited for the deer to be about 35 yards away, then let the arrow fly.

After he hopped down from his stand to track it, he said he found a blood-covered arrow.  Nightfall and rain prevented him from finding his kill that night, though.  He said he located the deer in the middle of the swamp the next day, but it took a couple of days to retrieve it.  He waded through about 3 feet of water to get to it.

Though he claimed this buck was the deer of lifetime, he said he still plans to go back out during gun season.

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  • Linda

    I think it is pretty selfish of him to go after another buck during firearm season. Hunting was not designed to be a "sport" but to cull herds to prevent starving as well as fill your freezer with meat. This enormous buck has the type of genes you want to pass down to future generations, you don't take down a monster buck like this, especially since he has brought down similar bucks in past years. I also think there is more to this story. It is not normal to find bucks with this size of rack. I am smelling a "canned hunt".

  • guest

    People say the stupidest things. Linda why would you post a comment insinuating something that you know absolutely nothing about? We all know what are opinions are like…….. everyone has one……..but some just "smell" worse than others.

  • I hate...

    Slow news day? Really? A human slug hunting down prey?
    This pigola needs to get a life and job- Really Mr Pigola?
    F U you Mi white trash! loser!
    I would love to see the Deer posing with your sorry head!

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