People May Be Cashing In On Jessica Heeringa’s Name

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. – Police in Muskegon County say they are investigating at least two incidents in which people may be using a missing mother’s name to collect money.

Susan Adams, 56, was charged Wednesday for trespassing at the Meijer store in Norton Shores on May 2.  FOX 17 is told police are investigating whether Adams committed fraud.

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw said Thursday there was another incident which took place earlier in the week.  He said a person committed fraud at the Wal-Mart store in nearby Roosevelt Park.

Jessica Heeringa, 25, went missing April 26 from her job at an Exxon gas station in Norton Shores.  Police say she was abducted.

The statement below is from the Find Jessica Heeringa Facebook page:

“This is with great disgust that I share this with you all. It has been  reported that a person has been standing outside of Walmart in Roosevelt  Park collecting donations for Jessica’s son. This person is in no way affiliated  with any of the family. This person has been turned into all Walmart stores. I  will continue to report this person to all stores. Please share this info, so  everyone knows these people are frauds. If you do see anyone collecting  donations, call 911!”

Police say there are two valid funds you can donate to to help the  family.

  • The Muskegon County Silent Observer-Jessica Heeringa Reward, care of the  Norton Shores Police Department at 4814 Henry Street, Norton Shores, Michigan  49441.
  • The Jessica Heeringa Family Fund-PNC Bank, care of Jessica  Heeringa Family Fund, P.O. Box 0077, Fruitport, Michigan, 49415.

You can  also donate directly to the family at the Family Command Center at Points Mall  parking lot.

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  • Jody

    Wow, some people have no morals whatsoever!! How would they feel if that was someone in their family and strangers were collecting off them?

  • Brianne

    This woman was on Fox 17 news last year for pulling a similar scam but at the expense of a pet pantry and not a missing woman's family! Sloth should rot in prison!!!


    Fox 17 News. This is the same woman who did this to the pet pantry a while back when they were on Shetler in Fruitport.

  • wanda

    this person if thats what you want to call her has done worse things, cant go into it all but shes trash, hope she gets her dues this time. she cares for noone but herself.

  • Jennifer S.

    I pressed charges on her for soliciting peoples homes asking for donations for my Pet Pantry organization! She is a scammer and needs to be stopped! Enough is enough. She is a thief and has no morals and will do anything to feed her drug habits. I hope and pray that she get prosecuted and actually gets a HEAVY sentence and goes away for a very long time. My deepest sincerity to the family of Jessica.

  • Ashley

    This women is sick she asked my husband and i for $5 to get her dog food with a story about her husband died and it was taking time to get SS and so on. I gave it to her she talked to the greater for a minute and left, no dog food.

  • amanda

    This lady came up to me at Walmart one night and asked for some spare change. I gave her a 5 dollar bill because thats all I had. She told me her husband had past away from cancer and she does not know how to make it on her own. People have been telling her to go to a food bank but she has no gas to get there. She was crying to me and told me to pray for her. I even wiped away her tears and gave her a hug and told her not to cry because everything will work out! I can not believe I fell for that!!! For nights I thought about this lady and how others could turn their back on her without a second glance. I just cant believe this lady would do such a thing. Well the tears worked on me lady…. Hope you enjoyed whatever you bought with my 5 bucks!!!!!!

  • linda

    We were leaving wal-mart and using the exit near Russ's and she approached all cars waiting for the light to change i didn't roll down my window, I proceeded to Independent Bank while in the bank it was told its amazing how well the panhandlers are taken care of with food and money and its a scam ring and they see who can collect the most money and there are truly needy people out there, I sorta laughed in the bank parking lot near the road was a nice Audi crossover and thought it was hers when asked, it belonged to a bank employee. You never know. How can this woman live with herself knowing how she is exploiting someone who is missing etc?After doing my banking was walking to my car and she hollered over do you want to donate to Jessica she was dressed very nice and smoking a cigarette, Dont they have a conscience? Shame on you Karma is will get you.

  • Karlene

    Shame on this woman trying to gain from others pain how dare she do this and using Jessica's Name in her cry for help .. just get a job and stop your sick life you live so glad she is behind bar's i would of loved to seen her i can tell you this she would of been the one calling the cops after i best her like no more ………………… Grrr to bad we cant Fix Stupid

  • Ines

    No comments about this woman I hope they send her directly to jail I see how much the family love Jessica but Nobody in the family advise her how risky her work was? No mama grandpa dad or boyfriend? Now everybody is in tears and I feel sorry for her son Everybody else will move on with their lives They know that the other young cashier left because she was smart enough and maybe somebody in the family advise her against working in an unsafe place but in Jessica's case I didn't hear anybody saying that she was advised and on top of that without a cellular while she was driving home alone Too much. I read some comments about not thinking that the place or town was not a safe place Where in this world is that place?

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